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osiris_slith -> Tactical Driving with tanks (10/24/2012 8:39:35 PM)


Doing some research on tanks..does anyone know if tank drivers/commanders get any kind of training on how to angle their armor of their tanks for maximum protection?


slinkytwf -> RE: Tactical Driving with tanks (10/24/2012 9:06:27 PM)

At 19E1/2 school at Knox in 1981, we did not receive such training. We did get "hull-down," "turret-down," and "vehicle-down" training, and it was made clear that we want to keep the front armor pointed at the enemy, but that was the extent of it. The main thing they tried to teach us was to avoid being seen (as if an M60 could be stealthy). Higher levels of training might have included such details, but I doubt it.

Josh -> RE: Tactical Driving with tanks (10/24/2012 10:02:41 PM)

Well I know German tankcrews got training on how to set up their tank for maximum protection in WWII. There are leaflets they used to describe this.. there's a thread somewhere in the Panzer Command Ostfront subforum somewhere... can't find it though.

I think the idea was to angle their armour at 30 degrees to target number 1 while the gun aimed at target number 2.

albertross -> RE: Tactical Driving with tanks (6/18/2013 8:10:57 AM)

Yes it was standard practice for WWII tank drivers, but not something you can do in the game if playing against the A/I because it will spot, engage and destroy you first every time

Warhorse -> RE: Tactical Driving with tanks (6/18/2013 10:37:26 PM)

Try drawing the AI opp fire with infantry in cover, and such, where they won't be effected too much, then work your way in for the kill shot! It's good to use smaller inf-type units to spot, especially if not moving fast, be patient, move them up in cover, next turn they will spot any enemy units, then work your armored units into optimum positions, then draw off opp fire from the opposite direction, so the armor gets a tasty side/rear aspect!!

albertross -> RE: Tactical Driving with tanks (6/18/2013 11:49:33 PM)

Thanks Mike - that's what I try to do with my recon units - which promptly 'die' due to the AI's psychic targeting ability; playing with FOW on makes this impossible: my unit appears, is fired on with unerring accuracy and is either destroyed or forced to retreat and the enemy unit can no longer be seen.

It may well work with dismounted infantry, FOW off, but infantry are not always available and don't move fast enough to keep up with armor. In any case, it's historically wrong!! Recon units are trained and equipped to approach the enemy, observe and get out of trouble, but the A/I in this game makes them a waste of rations[:(]

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