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kevini1000 -> some historical question stuff (10/24/2012 3:27:24 AM)

The German special operations unit on the Eastern front the Brandebergers(is this right). Unknown to me until a few days ago captured a very large and major bridge over the Don during the 2nd battle for Rostov in July of 1942 around the 27th of that month. I'm wondering if the Germans had destroyed the bridges around Rostov in November of 1941 as this was the intent of taking the city then. To move in capture it, then blow the bridges then withdraw. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this or shed light on more detail if possible.

DorianGray -> RE: some historical question stuff (10/24/2012 4:32:20 AM)


kevini1000 -> RE: some historical question stuff (10/24/2012 2:36:59 PM)

I notice no mention of the great bridge over the Don at Rostov. The Makop thing is a big deal but they caputre the oil installations in tacked or not.

821Bobo -> RE: some historical question stuff (10/24/2012 3:55:42 PM)

First units crossing Don in Rostov were Kradschützen-Bataillon 43 and Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon 4 from 13. Panzer Division followed by one(1/2?) company of Brandenburgers. Brandenburgers have helped to capture the following bridges/dams across the marshes between Don and Bataysk but not the "Rostov" bridge itself.

kevini1000 -> RE: some historical question stuff (10/24/2012 7:23:45 PM)

the video I watched on u tube said it was the brandenberger regiment that sized the bridge over the Don during the July 42 battle for rostov. it is mentioned at about 5:24 in the video. And it was july 25th not the 27th as I was in error earlier.

dave_wolf -> RE: some historical question stuff (10/24/2012 8:01:50 PM)

You generally shouldn't give these TV documentaries too much credit. They often don't bother to thoroughly get their facts straight, since their target audience aren't historians. E.g. even a lot of stuff on the Military Channel lacks detailed research, as I have noticed when it comes to topics I know a lot about.

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