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Pluviose -> German tanks replaced by russian units - bug? (10/23/2012 1:07:50 AM)

Hello there,

just finished third mission in GC ī42 East and realised that some of my highly decorated, during all previous missions preciously kept german tanks have been replaced by some russian tanks of lower quality!?

By replacing my german tanks with soviet tanks I also lost the war heroes, medals, experience points that belonged to my german tanks..!

- Why or under which circumstances does the game replace my german tanks by soviet/enemy units?

- How can I avoid this? Itīs really enerving to "raise" a tank and itīs crew during three complete GCīs, f.e. to have a five star Pz IV-G and then to see it beeing replaced by a T34/40 or KV-1B!?


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