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swkuh -> Luftwaffe strategy ? (10/22/2012 2:58:39 PM)

Advice requested for a few issues.

At get-go. always find some air bases assigned to the Luftflottes, but I move them to where other air bases are located and reassign their HQs. Any loss to operations besides the immediate move?

What is optimal assignment of units to bases? Many or few? Could the number of bases be reduced w/o loss of effectiveness?

Always hate seeing Ju52s doing unescorted fuel deliveries, so how can I assure there are fighters available to any such mission?

Are fighter escorts drawn from any available base, or should fighters be distributed to every base?

Locate air bases together, or distribute them around the theatres?

Tuhhodge -> RE: Luftwaffe strategy ? (7/3/2013 12:16:46 PM)

Good questions. My strategy is also failing and I also need some guidance!

swkuh -> RE: Luftwaffe strategy ? (7/3/2013 5:03:41 PM)

Apparently forum doesn't find this interesting... nonetheless,

After some 9 mos more play vs AI, I "bunch" the airbases near the Luftflotten they're originally assigned to w/o moving individual units around to balance the available aircraft at airbases. Get plenty of escort for supply drops as the flying units picked when forming the mission. Move the Luftflotten to follow the fronts once in a while. Watch ranges.

Some discussion in forum suggests setting the air doctrine to low% participation and low aircraft per type of mission. Trying to get maximum number missions. After all, when varying these factors, don't see much different in outcomes, usually Axis favored 3:1 in aircraft losses in the scenarios & years played.

terje439 -> RE: Luftwaffe strategy ? (7/3/2013 6:51:21 PM)

What are you after in detail? High A:A rating? Good ground attacks? Good interdictions? Good supply runs for your panzers?


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