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CloudeSand -> New AE player want to find opponent for scenario 1 or 2 (10/22/2012 1:08:00 PM)

Once I played original WITP quite well, not first class but adequate. Now I want to try AE too.

I have heard there are some difference between these 2 versions. So I may be a newbie again but perhaps not as ignorant as one who is totally new to this.

I tried both Jap and Allied side against AI and got some exp for myself. But AI is quite dumb and I suppose I have learned all it could teach me.

Now I hope I already gave enough introduction of myself. I would like to tell my expectation.

I would like to have a serious opponent, who not quit after a few week.

There are certainly people like me who once played WITP but now new to AE. We may not be able to play against experinced AE guy right now but hopefully we could get XP from playing against each other. Against experinced player I may put a good fight too, but because of new system and lacking of exp that sooner or later I may commit major errors, that may let my opponent win too quickly. But If you don't care that , then I certainly don't care learn XP from hard way.

I want our game to be more or less history based, that is to say, gamey tactics is not desired. If I take Jap side, I expect to fight for life in 1945, in homeland, not some very unhistorical result.

Now for commitment. I cannot say I could play at least 1 turn per day. Now I have some free time until new year, so even 5 turns per day is no problem, but later that would change. But I could use weekend to play, instead of watchting football, so I could play 7 turns per week...

And of course, HR. I am only familiar with those for original game, but AE game engine may require some change.

I would want restriction for 4e, no fighter operate above maximal height of 30000, no northern Pacific War, etc, those are old stuff for original WITP, if you have any recommendation, especially if you are more familiar with AE, I want to listen. Unhistorical operation, such as putting larger or faster aircrafts i.e. Corsair or Jill/Judy on CVE, is not desired.

I could take Jap or Allied side, no matter. Jap is obviously more interesting but I have to learn how to orgainze production anew.

PM me to discuss more details.

CloudeSand -> RE: New AE player want to find opponent for scenario 1 or 2 (10/22/2012 1:15:04 PM)

I am based in Asia but may later this year move to Germany. So especially welcome partner from Japan, HK, or Europa.

praetor1944 -> RE: New AE player want to find opponent for scenario 1 or 2 (10/22/2012 5:11:05 PM)

My mistake. I'm in no position to play anyone at this time.

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