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laska2k8 -> more to counter mod ... (10/22/2012 12:24:55 PM)

just adding another mod I'm working on


laska2k8 -> RE: more to counter mod ... (10/23/2012 2:58:08 PM)



PirateJock -> RE: more to counter mod ... (10/23/2012 4:06:29 PM)

Like the old school counter look - nice shadowing. What are the left hand numbers/characters representing, e.g Vr and 72? Also will you be able to resize the base counter so it doesn't overlap info on adjacent counters?


nikdav -> RE: more to counter mod ... (12/1/2012 11:31:07 AM)

Very good job Max!

Why don't upload the files for testing ?

ichadwick -> RE: more to counter mod ... (1/16/2013 12:38:45 PM)

Nice. Very much like Russian Campaign as I recall it. I look forward to trying them in game.

moss_icon -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/20/2013 9:59:38 AM)

This looks great, any updates? :)

Mike Dwyer -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/22/2013 2:21:12 PM)

Looks great, my only critique would be that the German units are Division size, not Corps. Otherwise I love the detail.

redmarkus4 -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/24/2013 8:44:35 AM)

Hi. Nice mod but where do I DL?

laska2k8 -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/27/2013 3:54:33 PM)

sorry for delay but I was a bit busy.

download '' from the link below and extract it to your
Unity of Command\data\unit_rot folder.
Don't forget to make a backup before overwrite.

TJD -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/27/2013 4:21:19 PM)

Thanks for making this available. I've unzipped to the folder you've specified but the old bobbleheads come up when I start the game. I'm 100% certain I've unzipped to the correct folder. Am I missing something?



EDIT: Interesting. The new counters show up when I start a new scenario, but do not show up when I try to continue a campaign begun before I installed your mod.

laska2k8 -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/28/2013 8:26:09 AM)

only 840 for a total of 1322 counters are changed, there's a lot of work to be done.
I hope next week to have some spare time to complete it.

I started a campaign from scratch, it shows the new counters (changed so far).
Don't know if reloading from a saved game with previous counter version.

Rosseau -> RE: more to counter mod ... (2/28/2013 11:51:50 PM)

Thanks. Looks great.

pkpowers -> RE: more to counter mod ... (3/1/2013 9:45:11 PM)


Skeleton -> RE: more to counter mod ... (3/2/2013 3:44:57 PM)

Absolutely perfect! This is the type of counter mod I have been looking for in at least three recent games. Simple, elegant and they convey a very tactile, board game feel! Outstanding work. I had to break this game back out just for this mod and it actually has me seriously interested in the expansion. Thank you for the wonderful work.

tombo -> RE: more to counter mod ... (3/2/2013 8:02:29 PM)


just added. very nice[:D]

Skeleton -> RE: more to counter mod ... (12/15/2013 2:26:45 AM)

Please make these available for Black turn? I am itching to get this expansion, but, I can't bare the thought of playing with these NATO counters.

Skanvak -> RE: more to counter mod ... (12/18/2013 7:12:21 PM)

Question : They look like scan so does the number are related to the game or meaningless?

trebcourie -> RE: more to counter mod ... (5/12/2014 11:04:41 PM)

Excellent. Thank you!!!!

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