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Gribeauval -> Other small issues (10/20/2012 8:01:02 PM)

I have started a Trappenjagd Campaign with v1.03.
I have updated this Campaign with the 1-04 patch.
1) the number of command points of a leader can excess 20, despite the last patch.
2) the U2 planes are still used by the AI to intercept.
3) When I can move an air unit in an airfield that is adjacent to enemy land units, a red arrow appears as if the air unit could launch a land attack against the enemy units.
4) When I use the "tank drive" card, the trucks get the attack bonus, even if they can't attack at all.
5) The player can place an air unit coming as reinforcement in an hexagon that doesn't contain an airfield (for instance the city of Koursk).
6) I play with the dismissal rule. The soviet AI has a prestige equal to zero during 5 turns. Should not the AI has lost the game ?

The game is extremly interesting of course.

Vic -> RE: Other small issues (10/21/2012 11:29:04 AM)

Hi again!

Thanks for the furter feedback.

1+2) These changes only go in effect if you start a new scenario with v1.04.
3-5) these look like interesting finetunings I could make, thanks for suggesting them.
6) Yes.. true.. basically the AI here doesnt play with the same rule as you do.


Gribeauval -> RE: Other small issues (10/21/2012 7:03:52 PM)

Thanks for your answer.

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