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okiemcguire -> Help with GC40 The Hague (10/20/2012 5:08:44 PM)

Ok... I have tried this scenario several times with no luck. I need help from all you Generals out there, please.

Here is my current unit roster:
3 Grenadier w/tracked transports
2 Fallschirmaiger
1 Pioniere w/tracked transport
1 Panzer IB (low strength)
1 Panzer IIIF (low strength)
1 Panzer IVD
1 SE Panzer IIF (low strength)
1 Panzerjager (low strength)
2 Artillerys w/tracked transport
2 BF 109E (1 w/low strength)
3 Ju 87B (1 w/low strength)
2 BF 110D (1 w/low strength)

My beginning prestige value is 451.

With the low strength of some my units, I have attempted to up their value and purchase 1 mobil Anti-Aircraft unit. Using my BF 109E and somtimes the BF 110D as my fighter against enemy air.

My first attempt to reach The Hague and the surrounded air units was to go straight up the middle through Schoonhoven, Gouda and then Zoetermeer. Met with great resistance and lost my surrounded air and most of my attack force.

My second attempt was to keep Schoonhoven and multiple ground and armor units busy with a much smaller force and then sending the main forces through Rotterdam. I dropped my 2 Fallschirmaiger units just NW of Rotterdam and attack from the NW while I attacked with the main force from the SW. Got mu farther this time, linking up with the surrounded forces at Ypenburg AFB. However, massive ground forces attacked with some artillery and a little armor and pushed my depleted forces almost of the map to the SW at Ockkenburg AFB. I have pretty much air superiority and use the Ju 87B as additional artillery but no avail.

Can someone give me an idea how they did this? Thanks...

Josh -> RE: Help with GC40 The Hague (10/21/2012 10:00:30 AM)

Since this thread got quite a few hits but no one answered I'll give it a try. I do not have played this one so I could be wrong here, but my impression is that you messed up the previous scenario. You can't ever hope to win a scenario when you're starting with half of your force on low strength. Heck sometimes it's even hard to win when all of your forces are up to 12-13, let alone when they are at 5-6... So it looks like the way it is now it is very hard to win, so my suggestion (for what it's worth) is a) replay the previous scenario so you can start on full strength, or b) give yourself the luxury of a cheat and add prestige so you can stay with this scenario and have your forces at full strength. Well that is what I would do, either replay the previous one so to get a better result, or give yourself 1.000 extra prestige.
The cheats can be found on Slitherine forum, or I can post them here if you want.

okiemcguire -> RE: Help with GC40 The Hague (10/21/2012 4:05:44 PM)

Thanks Josh for your response! I had first watched a video on the Slitherine forum covering the GC40 including The Hague. This was great in the respect that I was able to hear the reasons for the particular movements that were made. I also saw the type of force he had. I then did as you had suggested as an option.... I cheated and added some prestige points so that I could repair my core units for battle.

Thanks again [&o]

Josh -> RE: Help with GC40 The Hague (10/21/2012 7:39:19 PM)

Glad to be of help. PC is one of the very few games, in fact the only game in a looong time, that I have used cheats with. Primarily because it's a beer and pretzel game. It doesn't involve high level grammar nor deep strategy, *but* this game is all about having fun when playing it. So instead of grinding your teeth and playing a tough scenario over and over to get that DV... cut yourself some slack and get some prestige/extra units/whatever. No shame in that IMHO.
I must admit that I'm very careful with cheats because in 99% they ruin the game. 

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