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stonestriker -> AI use of engineers (10/20/2012 12:47:49 PM)

I have recently finished the Case Yellow scenario in DC as the French and are now in the opening phase of Trappenjagd as the USSR. I seem to be experiencing a deja-vu in regards to the AI use of engineers.

The manual states that engineer troops represent construction units and not assault engineers, however the AI often puts them on the frontline, often a single engineer unit to hold a hex. I have even seen engineers being used to scout ahead.

The results of this the easy elimination of engineers and resulting lack of ability to repair bridges. In Case Yellow I eliminated at least 4 engineer units, and the Germans definitely suffered from it even though it was less than 20% of their engineers.

Currently I am on the 5th turn of Trappenjagd, and I have already caused the Germans a loss of 20% of their engineers. I know they will get reinforcements, but if they keep this suicidal use of engineers up, I donīt think they will be able to replace them as fast as I am killing them.

Have anyone else experienced this problem in Trappenjagd and are the AI able to cope with blown bridges with so few engineer units? Should I avoid killing them in order to give the AI a chance (playing on Normal btw)?

Redmarkus5 -> RE: AI use of engineers (10/20/2012 2:50:53 PM)

Yes, I have seen this as well, including the AI's use of Engineer units as a rearguard after withdrawing all other units in the area.

Toby42 -> RE: AI use of engineers (10/20/2012 3:36:51 PM)

Engineers have a high movement rate, so they are out front leading. Not very realistic!

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