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Commander Stormwolf -> Spitfire V in burma (10/19/2012 11:49:15 PM)

no, not the ones that were found recently...[:)]

when did the first delivery to Burma of Spitfire V take place?

want to update accuracy of my scenario

jcjordan -> RE: Spitfire V in burma (10/20/2012 3:10:49 AM)

someone may know better but from what I was able to find only a handfull were used in the defense of Rangoon (wasn't fully able to verify that so taken w/ grain of salt) but mostly not until 43 when Oz was under threat at Darwin

Dixie -> RE: Spitfire V in burma (10/20/2012 9:26:59 AM)

The first squadrons to become operational in India were 607 and 615 Sqns in September 1943. They were both deployed to the Arakan Front in November '43. Potentially the Spitfires could arrive in August, but they wouldn't be ready to fly at that point, let alone fight. September is the earliest reasonable date for having them in squadron service.

The Australian squadrons got theirs in October 42 after the initial complement was commandeered in the Middle East, they were declared operational around the end of 1942.

JeffroK -> RE: Spitfire V in burma (10/20/2012 12:09:52 PM)

RAAF Spits arrived in mid Oc 1942, an example of their service is:

RAAF Serial A58-3 Spitfire F.VC RAF Serial AR526
38 MU 11/07/42, VSM 09/09/42 fuel sys mods(Volkes) , 215 MU 27/09/42,
ex UK SS Waroonga 13/10/42. Delivered 25/12/42 to 1 Air Depot. Still being erected on 28/12/42. To 7 RSU ex 1AD 19/01/43.
To 457 Sqn RAAF ex 7RSU 24/02/43. To 7 RSU 13/04/43. to 457 Sqn 19/04/43
Coded "ZP-V". Operational loss as Blue 1, during a 8 aircraft interception of 8 Enemy Bombers and 5 Zekes at 22000 feet over Milingimbi Island NT 1335hrs 28/05/43. Pilot; F/O Alfred "Harry" Henry Blake Serv#400458, belived shot down at sea and missing. AMSE Approval W/O per File#9/16/865 08/07/43.

(From ADF Serials http://www.adf-serials.com )

JeffroK -> RE: Spitfire V in burma (10/20/2012 12:20:48 PM)

Shores has 607 & 615 converting to Spit Vc in Sept 43 and moved to bases at Ramu & Chittagong in Nov 43.
First mention of combat was 615 Sdn escorting Vengeance's to Maungdaw on 3 Nov 43.

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