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jmalter -> CV Victorious options (10/19/2012 7:06:56 AM)

it's currently 43/10/01, she needs to withdraw by 43/10/15 & is scheduled to return on 44/06/12. having been kinda busy, she's not had a chance to perform her 3/43 upgrade (75 days at a size-15 yard).

a) if i withdraw her w/ upgrade ON, will that add 75 days to her expected date of return, or will the upgrade be performed during her withdrawal, or will she automatically go into upgrade when she returns?

b) where will she return? i'm assuming Aden, but that's just a guess. currently she's just offshore of Sydney, i want her pilots to train for 12 more days before i withdraw her. or if i withdraw her now, will the possible 75-day upgrade delay be pro-rated for the # of days in advance of her scheduled withdrawal date?

c) i don't need her planes, but i def'nitely need her trained pilots. also i'd like to xfer her sqns to Sydney, for use as training sqns. but if i withdraw her w/o any sqns, presumably she'll return empty? if i fly off the 1x15-plane TB sqn & the 3x6-plane F sqns to Sydney, i could glom all her trained pilots into the Reserve pool & have 8 months to train up replacement Brit pilots. but if i do this, returning Victorious will be useless until i can bring her to an on-map port & mate her up w/ carrier-trained sqns at, say, Columbo.

hey i like to muse about these aspects of the game, & would appreciate any advice you folks can give me.

Alfred -> RE: CV Victorious options (10/19/2012 7:14:37 AM)

Read my post #1034 in this thread (Canoerebel's AAR)�


jmalter -> RE: CV Victorious options (10/23/2012 5:03:36 AM)

thanks Alfred.

after reading your post, i decided to off-load her airgroups to Sydney, then withdrew her w/ upgrade OFF, since i didn't know where she'd re-appear, figgerin' that wherever she showed up, i'd set her to upgrade there & create an AirTransportTF at Sydney to ship her groups to that port.

anyhow after executing a 2-day turn & checking the ship availability screen, i find that CV Victorious will front up in Sydney on 13 June 44, that's great b/c her airgroups will be there already & they won't lose any training-time to mate up.

when she arrives, i'll decide whether or no to give her the 1000-pt AA 75-day upgrade, might not be necessary b/c she's already at AA=2000.

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