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jeffk3510 -> Screen size (10/17/2012 10:41:22 PM)

On my new computer, the game will not play in full screen mode. It has two large black sides now...this was the case for most of my games, and I put -px1366 -py768 at the very end of the target.

This works for JTs Campaign Series as well as WiTPAE...

Just wondering why it isn't working for FOF.

Also, does anyone know how to fix this for Steam...while we're on that subject.


jeffk3510 -> RE: Screen size (10/22/2012 1:58:10 AM)


Floyd -> RE: Screen size (10/22/2012 1:40:14 PM)

As far as i know the resolution is fixed at 1024x768 and no
command line parameters are available.

jeffk3510 -> RE: Screen size (10/25/2012 11:21:09 PM)

So,nothing I can do huh?

Do you know anything about Steam for the same problem?


jeffk3510 -> RE: Screen size (12/27/2012 5:55:46 PM)


Floyd -> RE: Screen size (12/27/2012 7:58:19 PM)

This is from GOOGLE, as i do not run Steam:


Right-click on the game in your steam library, select "properties", then "Set launch options", then type "--setup."
Click OK and then run the game again. The game's setup window will launch, which will enable you to change the resolution.

Gil R. -> RE: Screen size (12/28/2012 11:57:07 PM)

I'm assuming the bump was Steam-related, since Floyd's earlier response re: fixed resolution was correct.

Since so few people visit threads in the FOF Support area I'd recommend posting your question in the General Discussion forum.

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