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Dane49 -> New APOS Demo (10/17/2012 3:49:36 PM)

New updated Demo for this game(Achtung Panzer Operation Star) on the Graviteam forum page.

I would poat link,but it seems I'm no longer able to on this site.

Dane49 -> RE: New APOS Demo (10/18/2012 2:58:55 PM)

Can't post links or edit your posts here on the Matrix forum.
I would like to at least be able to edit to correct spelling errors.

I'm pretty much done posting here.
Matrix isn't supporting the game,so it really seems to be a waste of time and effort.

I would suggest from now on if seeking information on this game everyone should refer to the Graviteam forums,this site is on its way to extinction.

BTW,nice business model you have here Matrix if this is the type and level of support you show for your customers and new developers then I don't see a very bright future on the horizon for Matrix.
Empty promises and half ass support doesn't cut it.

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