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ctangus -> Japanese Opponent for Stock Campaign 1 (Closed) (10/15/2012 11:30:35 PM)

I'm new to AE - only bought it about 3-4 weeks ago. However once upon a time I played a lot of WITP PBEM (2000+ PBEM turns) and mostly did ok. Had to discontinue @4 yrs ago for work reasons. Those reasons have recently changed. I'm good for a turn/day most days, maybe even 2-3 once the game gets rolling but don't require that on your part.

Tactically I'll probably make a lot of newb mistakes, but operationally & strategically I hope to provide a good game.

Settings - I'll negotiate just about anything but here are my preferences:

Replacements, upgrades, reinforcements, repairs, etc. etc. OFF
Reliable US torpedoes: OFF, Allied Damage Control: ON
Realistic R&D: ON
Historical First Turn: OFF, Dec 7th Surprise: ON
Auto-Subs: OFF (this is one I won't negotiate, it was a big pain the one time I played with it.)
Advanced Weather: ON

House rules:

Only two that I know I want: Restricted ground units must pay PPs to move to unrestricted commands. (India/Burma, Manchukuo/China, etc.)

1st Turn: Allies are free to give orders to China, and TFs at sea. (I won't do anything wild with the latter, just don't want to provide you with free intel on where my CVs are.)

Beyond that don't know the AE engine well enough to know what needs fixing, but happy to entertain any suggestions. I'm also very willing to negotiate mid-game should an issue arise and appreciate the same from an opponent.

I'm considering doing an AAR - did a few WITP ones & it was fun. Open or closed.

ctangus -> RE: Japanese Opponent for Stock Campaign 1 (10/15/2012 11:47:54 PM)

I should warn any potential opponent that I have Admiral Bonnie providing strategic advice:


edrahil1 -> RE: Japanese Opponent for Stock Campaign 1 (10/16/2012 3:26:21 AM)

I can play you when do you want to start?

Quixote -> RE: Japanese Opponent for Stock Campaign 1 (10/16/2012 6:12:19 AM)

PM sent (although my dog isn't nearly as intimidating as Admiral Bonnie...)

ctangus -> RE: Japanese Opponent for Stock Campaign 1 (10/19/2012 1:13:30 PM)

Closed. Thanks all for interest!

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