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Mad Igor -> Unload selected troops (10/15/2012 2:24:10 PM)

is there any way to ^ ?i have ship loaded with a lot of troops,but i only need 5 from them,because i will go to another location to pickup more powerful troops ?or disbanding the only 1 option here ?
and i hope this will be possible 2 do in the expension,plus i hope WE CAN RETROFIT MINING STATIONS or any other deepas...pace station.

feelotraveller -> RE: Unload selected troops (10/15/2012 5:07:46 PM)

No way to do this directly that I know of. 

What you can do to achieve your desired result-

1)  Go to the other location and unload your troops there and then load your transport with troops again.  In my experience the strongest load first...

2)  Alternatively, unload your troops at a colony.  Then select your transport and right click on the colony (with the load troops icon).  It will only load one troop.  Babysit the transport and as soon as it has loaded the first troop cancel the order.  Then (using the right click order) order to load troops again, it will get one more.  Five times and you're done and can send it on its way to the other location.  [:)]

I sincerely hope that we CANNOT retrofit bases not at colonies in the expansion.

Darkspire -> RE: Unload selected troops (10/15/2012 7:40:08 PM)


I sincerely hope that we CANNOT retrofit bases not at colonies in the expansion


Look what what retro-fitting did for those two deep space Ancient defence stations in Stargate Atlantis, a new generator and then minus a Wraith ship or two,a member of the crew and the station [:D]

Seriously though, why not? It really is annoying when you get 'gifted' a space station on some remote place then finding it is just in the right place but unable to upgrade / retrofit it, you end up with ships queueing for upgrades, repairs that seem to take forever, I end up scrapping them when I dont really want to.
As the retrofit button is already there and just doesnt work at present it would seem WAD.


feelotraveller -> RE: Unload selected troops (10/16/2012 9:02:36 AM)

Funny that no-one mentions that the button is also there, and unable to be clicked, when you try to send an intelligence agent to steal tech when there is none to steal.  [:D]   (Okay it is a minor display issue in both cases but I can live with that.  It has no effect on gameplay.)

As to why not - gameplay reasons.  It would mean no thought when building a base as you can always alter it at will.  It would take out various decisions such as building colonies (or not) at very low quality ultra-rare sources.  It would take out decisions about how many mining engines, weapons, shields, labs etc. to include on a base.  The more I have considered the ramifications the more I detest the idea...

(Also I would hazard a guess that the cpu players would cope very badly with upgrading their bases.)

I almost invariably scrap the bases I gain immediately.  Oh, for depots I will wait a couple of days [;)].  Very occasionally I will find and keep a useful mining base.

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