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Wartath -> Q: Mulberry harbors & nuclear weapons (10/15/2012 1:54:19 PM)

Do mulberry harbors work as intended? They seem to be supplying my units only for one turn, which is the one after they have been deployed. I have to build a new one each turn in order to maintain steady supply for my units.

From the manual:

Mulberry Harbors are special units which may be deployed only in coastal hexes. They are very expensive but are indispensable if making an invasion.
Mulberry Harbors provide supply for friendly units for two months since deploying.

Is it possible to actually get a nuclear weapon? I played full campaign with soviets and set the difficulty on easy. I started researching nuclear weapons as soon as I could, but ran out of time before I could get one. Is it possible to get a nuclear weapon with normal difficulty game?

PKH -> RE: Q: Mulberry harbors & nuclear weapons (11/15/2012 4:51:52 PM)

I have the same experience. Also, they really need to be allowed to be built in the same hex as a unit imo. It makes no sense that they should take up a hex on their own.

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