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Ariennye -> a wish... (10/15/2012 11:49:10 AM)


I would like to ask for a feature for one of the next patches.
It would be very useful, if you could combine an attack with units of allied nations.

E.g: If I want to attack an american unit with two german and two italian units I cannot make one combined attack but have to make two attacks in two gameturns. It would be nice, if there might be a possibility to 'lend' units to another nation. In '3rd Reich PC' you have this possibility. If so, it would be easy to combine actions much better.

Best wishes,


Nimrod 9th -> RE: a wish... (10/15/2012 2:02:34 PM)

I too like the idea. Many times I've wanted to coordinate Italy and Germany in North Africa and/or Canada and England in France. But please be careful how you do it. Don't turn this game into something it is not designed to be. Keep it simple and straight forward. I'm not looking for Hearts of Iron III or Time of Fury complexity. If I was, I would have bought them. I bought this one because I want a simple straight forward game I can play in hours vs days or weeks.

doomtrader -> RE: a wish... (10/15/2012 8:23:31 PM)

This feature would require a lot and lot of coding. However we have implemented a little different deature. When an allied unit is adjacent to attacker and defender, then attacker is getting a 20% bonus of the allied unit strength.

LiquidAgua -> RE: a wish... (10/16/2012 8:49:25 AM)

If an allied unit is any unit from another allied country or your same country, that's ok.

What I want mean is, if you attack with one of your units and you have another one in an adjacent cell, you should have the 20% too. And later if you attack with the second unit... you'll have the same 20%. Afterall, there isnt any difference between the unit from your country and the unit from the another country.

parusski -> RE: a wish... (10/24/2012 8:51:19 PM)

I too have a wish...that this game stop crashing every time I click ANY unit.[;)]

doomtrader -> RE: a wish... (10/25/2012 6:44:44 AM)

I wish you would reply my email.

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