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NativeTexan -> A Bridge (country) Too far! ? (10/15/2012 12:08:09 AM)

I got to say I am enjoying playing TOF again using the 1.03 patch. I stepped away for awhile and can see some big improvements in the game! Good Job!

I am observing some very gamey behavior from the AI in the use of Paratroopers. I assume this is paratroopers but maybe it is a bug since no unit is present once troops arrive at the location.

The British AI is performing suicide paradrops to capture lone cities deep in enemy territory. For example British paratroops being dropped onto Budapest (Hungry) also Rome and Berlin and other German cities for no real purpose. No friendly units (British) are even on the continent.
Is this somehow partisans, but why in hungry or Germany would this occur? When my units arrive to recapture the hex, no units are present. Unfortunately my AI allies are leaving their cities undefended (who would have thunk it that British paratroopers? would drop onto Budapest with no other British soldiers on the continent. One way mission [&:]
I observed this occur several times. Once on Rome, Berlin, and Budapest. The interesting part is that the AI knocked Hungry out of the war when it dropped onto Budapest and Kosice simultaneously. My ally Hungry was not garrisoning it's capital. Neither is Italy (Rome).

I feel this is very ahistorical and gamey. At least have the AI garrison it's capital! I shouldn't have to send a division to Budapest when it's AI controlled and there is not an enemy soldier for at least 750km.

Grand Campaign v1.03 (Human German hard) all other countries on AI (normal).
Year 1941 and mainline Europe is conquered by Germany (France,Belgium,Netherlands,Norway,Denmark). German denied Vichy in the attempt to defeat all of France.
Axis allies (Hungry, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria)
Africa is completely in British hands, and Greece is still neutral. British do not have a foothold on the continent.

Thanks for reading

gwgardner -> RE: A Bridge (country) Too far! ? (10/15/2012 4:25:32 AM)

Yeah, those are partisans, not paratroopers. The nationality is based upon which country was supporting the partisans financially and with materiale. Example, you usually get Soviet partisans in Yugoslavia, British partisans in France, etc.

Ariennye -> RE: A Bridge (country) Too far! ? (10/15/2012 8:52:57 AM)

Well, I have had the same problem with version 1.02.
In my game (me = Germany) these units were Soviet paratroopers, and I had to track them down. They jumped again every new gameturn. From city to city. Withput the 3-turn delay, I have to wait with my paras.
I had to garrison all my key-cities at my own. My AI-Allies didn't care.

Very unfortunally was, that if you don't react quick, they build new powerful units at these new conquered cities. And these units are not to kill with simple Volkssturm-Divisions.



Rasputitsa -> RE: A Bridge (country) Too far! ? (10/15/2012 10:20:13 AM)

I have garrisons in all cities under threat, but leaving allies under AI control opens up problems if the AI does not protect its cities (which should be a basic in-built strategy). However, I thought the the range of para drops had been reduced to 9 hexes, so are these actual para drops, or spawning partisan units, either way, the AI should have a better defence and partisans should not be able to spawn in cities.[:)]

doomtrader -> RE: A Bridge (country) Too far! ? (10/15/2012 8:34:03 PM)

So once again, are we talking about partisans, about paras, or both?

NativeTexan -> RE: A Bridge (country) Too far! ? (10/15/2012 11:30:57 PM)


The one time I actually saw the unit, it was a paratrooper. It would stay in the location for a single turn and then disappeared. Did it jump to another location? I am not sure. What makes me believe that it was not a partisan is that partisans always appeared to stay on the map once they have spawned. This event is always on a city and never extended beyond that city. Also, my units have always been able to catch the partisan, on the map, once they arrived at the location.

The behavior I oberseved was similiar to Ariennye's, but with the British.


NativeTexan -> DoomTrader: Request update on AI paratrooper issue (11/16/2012 4:22:21 PM)


It's been a month since I reported the issue with AI paratroopers.
Could you please give a status update on this issue?

Also, any chance of you releasing a beta load with the reinforcement issued fixed?
I am happy to test but not without the reinforcement issued fixed.


Razz -> RE: DoomTrader: Request update on AI paratrooper issue (11/18/2012 3:14:55 AM)

No it is the paratrooper problem we had before the game was released and we re-wrote the script.

I reported this bug after release. It still hasn't been addressed.

To prevent this problem, keep a unit in each city.

NativeTexan -> RE: DoomTrader: Request update on AI paratrooper issue (11/20/2012 4:35:43 PM)


Thanks for the confirmation and clarification of the problem. Unfortunately your suggested solution is not a solution that is reasonable, especially when the AI controls your allies.

This is a major bug that needs to be fixed. This really destroys the fun mid-game.

It's one thing for me to place a division on each of my cities, but the AI (Axis) countries do not. I observed AI axis ally country Hungry and Italy defeated by this bug. There is no logical way to rationalize this bug.


Razz -> RE: DoomTrader: Request update on AI paratrooper issue (11/21/2012 4:19:34 PM)

Just take control of your Axis allies.

That is your only choice.

If I could fix the bug I would.

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