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JLPOWELL -> Wacko events are back bigger and better (10/14/2012 9:28:37 PM)

First off I like the cleaned up UI and graphics and the game is largely bug free. Not too serious but it was not advertised as such.
Then as happens often in ToE a steaming event cow pie to step in. (is this the only playbook the designers have to go with?)
As anyone who as read my posts knows I am no fan of the events in ToF well those wakadoodle events are completely dwarfed by what you get in SWE..

Germans break pact and attack the USSR (NO AI) as far as I can tell no effect on Soviet economy no extra reinforcements. (Perhaps a way to model this would be to reduce German effectiveness in USSR/Poland if they break the pact)

On the other hand if you do this against the USSR AI Wow... you get stomped flat... How about the instant appearance of about 3 years of production (at 1944 levels) in a month. 14 armor Armies at levels 2 and 3 and a bunch of infantry Armies also levels 2 and 3. Overall about 200x the current USSR production why not throw in a few nukes as well for fun...
This one pretty much breaks the game as I don’t want to waste time finding more like it. This happens early in the game so not much is invested are there more fun events to find after playing for several hours?

Why even have this as an option. Does the designer just want to punish players (perhaps the message is “go off the history and break the pact well we will show you and your little dog too haaa haaa haaa”)
Any player trying this will just quit in disgust (once they start to see the full extent of what was beamed from the planet Klingon to reinforce the red army)

JLPOWELL -> RE: Wacko events are back bigger and better (10/15/2012 6:08:05 PM)

Oops turns out this wasn't a crazy event, just the normal USSR AI fudge factor of huge reinforcements added a few turns after a GE attack. Sad to say even with the HUGE army the Germans can prevail vrs the AI (but not if they attack early as the same masssive set of Soviet units appear regardless of when the attack occurs apparantly USSR readiness is the same in 39,40,41 or 42). Based on this it looks like in PBEM a human player will really going to have a problem as the USSR.

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