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Repsol -> Readiness and integrety when attacking (10/14/2012 10:30:34 AM)


What do you guys use as a general rule regarding the readiness value when attacking...when do you feel a units readiness is to low to participate in an attack ?


At approximatelly what INTEGRETY level do you concider it a good idea to remove a unit from the frontline (stop doing offensive actions) to refit further back ?

Any ideas are welcom, Repsol

The Red Baron -> RE: Readiness and integrety when attacking (10/14/2012 9:33:10 PM)

With readiness any value below 100 decreases your attack points by the % amount of readiness you are short (Readiness = 80 means only 80% of your attack points will be used in the attack), so it's a judgment call on your part. Attacking across 1-2 hexsides with no prior air or artillery bombardment against an entrenched enemy with high readiness, I would want 100 readiness for my troops and minimum 3-1 attack odds (probably more). Attacking across 3-4 hexsides with mulitple divisions and good odds, I am willing to attack with readiness in the 70-80 range.

Playing Uranus as the Soviets, I've consistently achieved good results using 3-4 hexsides and multiple divisions without air or artillery support even though readiness hovered between 70-80, especially against Italian, Hungarian and Romanian units. The German units retreat, too, but you have to apply a little more pressure against them. I achieved these results in open terrain. If you're attacking into any type of covered terrain, especially low mountains or urban, or attacking across rivers, you definitely want 100 readiness, or close to it, every time. To a certain extent, you can compensate for lower readiness with divisional and concentric bonuses and by adjusting your retreat % to 100. At a retreat % of 100, your troops will push the attack (or defense) harder, which may be just enough to achieve your objectives, although you will suffer higher losses. For Soviet Armies on the strategic offensive, I've adjusted the retreat % to 100, which helps compensate for less than 100 readiness. I've learned through bad experience to dial down the retreat % to no more than 75% when my Armies are on the strategic defensive.

With integrity it's a judgment call, too. A Soviet rifle regiment @ 50% Integrity still fields 1000 men. I would attack with such a unit if it helped me max out my stack points, improved my divisional bonus or added another hexside to the attack. With tank and aircraft units, I would pull them out of action before an infantry unit of the same integrity level because less "individuals" (in game terminology) comprise the unit, leading to a greater chance the unit might be destroyed or rendered combat ineffective.

Repsol -> RE: Readiness and integrety when attacking (10/15/2012 5:42:11 PM)

The Red Baron, thanks for your answer...

In my current game (Case blue vs AI) i have attacked with units with a readiness as
low as 50-60 (especially air-units)...If i understand you right - this is way to low (maybe with
the exception of finishing of enemy units that have already been heavely engaged and are very low on entrenchment
and readiness ?).

Good tip with the retreat % on the attack...had not thought about that...

Regarding integrety...I pretty much play like you described...being more careful with the armour and air-units.

I have to confess though...I don't really undestand the difference (what they actually means) between ATTACKSCORE and HITPOINTS...


The Red Baron -> RE: Readiness and integrety when attacking (10/16/2012 2:50:29 AM)

If you're playing Case Blue as the Germans, I'm guessing you are probably attacking a lot of Soviet units retreating across open terrain with low readiness values and only benefitting from the auto-entrenchment value of the hex, as they seek to retreat to the next defensive line. Under these conditions you can probably achieve modest results with a readiness between 50-60, especially earlier in the operation when Soviet C&C penalties may adversely affect their fighting ability. Playing in your shoes, I would probably do the same thing to keep the Soviets on the run and grab as much territory as possible; however, that being said, with the possible exception of a strong German Panzer division, I wouldn't try this against an entrenched enemy defending in close terrain (forest, urban, low mountain) or behind a river. You are liable to receive a nasty surprise.

If you click on the Unit Troops Tab, you will see the various assets which comprise the unit. If you click on one of the assets, it will activate the Trootype Details Window where you will see the hitpoints and attack points for each of the "individuals" which comprise the selected asset. Hitpoints are listed next to the the green triangle; the other numbers comprise the individual's attack points against various types of targets. For attack points, the number to the left of the slash is the attack point value when attacking INTO a hex; the number to the right of the slash is the attack point value when DEFENDING a hex. An example: German infantry attacking INTO a hex occupied by Soviet infantry would be 10 German attack points vs. 100 Soviet hitpoints, while the Soviet infantry defending that same hex would shoot back with 20 attack points vs. 100 German hitpoints; so, infantry is twice as strong on defense. Tanks have two hitpoint values. The number to the left of the slash is the value used when attacked by all trooptypes except infantry; the number to right is the hitpoint value used when attacked by infantry trooptypes. For all trooptypes the values listed are PER INDIVIDUAL (e.g. 1 infantry individual = 100 men) and BEFORE any modifiers are applied, such as low readiness, high experience, special cards played, etc.

In regards to your screenshot:

Column 1 = Attacker's outgoing fire against the defender (attacker's attack points)
Column 2 = Defender's outgoing fire against the attacker (defender's attack points)
Column 3 = Attacker's hitpoints
Column 4 = Defender's hitpoints

Repsol -> RE: Readiness and integrety when attacking (10/16/2012 7:23:16 PM)

Hello ,Red Baron

Thanks for your help !
Yes...most attacks so far have been against withdrawing or surrounded ruskies. In the coming turns i will pay more attention to my readiness when attacking prepared possitions...

Good explanation on HITPOINTS and ATTACKPOINTS !

Regards, Repsol

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