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wadortch -> Unit Combat Values (10/13/2012 6:53:32 PM)

I have attached a screen shot which highlights the value depicted on a Soviet unit (the value is 13). I may have missed it, but it is not clear to me if this value is in essence, the units relative combat value.

Secondly, if it is, what are the general relationships between CV's and odds in the game? In other words, other things being equal, is it likely that a modified CV ratio of 3 to 1 produces a victory?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

wadortch -> RE: Unit Combat Values (10/13/2012 6:55:11 PM)

Here's the screenshot I meant to attach to my previous post.


LiquidSky -> RE: Unit Combat Values (10/13/2012 7:29:19 PM)

That question gets asked a lot. Essentially it is the 'hitpoints' of the unit. Every 100 infantry is a strength point, every 5 guns/afvs is a strength point, every 50 trucks....

You add them together to get that number.

I only really use it to judge if a unit is full strength or not.

wadortch -> RE: Unit Combat Values (10/14/2012 1:07:34 AM)

Hello and thanks for this reply.
So, given what you say, you use this as a rough approximation of combat value? If I lined up 39 points against the Soviet "13" unit am I close to 3-1 odds and reasonable certainty of a win?

LiquidSky -> RE: Unit Combat Values (10/14/2012 3:09:34 AM)

Actually, I don't worry too much about 'odds'. The game works far more subtle then that. Best thing to do is to follow military principles. Bomb the hex with air. Hit it with artillery. Attack, but try not to exceed the stacking value. The value is usually 100, but goes up by 50 for every hexside after 2 you attack over. So if you attack from 6 hex sides (totally surrounded) you can use 300 stacking points. If you have over a 100, there will be a penalty, which basically means you will lose more and fight less.

There are also combat modifiers..shown as a percent..you get lots for different hexsides...but you can also get them through the use of cards. Try and maximize your attack by getting somewhere around 100 stacking points in a battle...try and have those units spread out as much as possible around the target...try and have those units 'pumped' with combat modifiers. Do bomb/bombard the hex before hand as it will kill a bit, and suppress more (that will not fight you during the battle). Try and keep divisions together (as they get the max divisional modifier).

wadortch -> RE: Unit Combat Values (10/14/2012 3:19:46 AM)

Thanks for this info.
Will experiment further. I am an old gamer and that Avalon Hill CRT guides a lot of my thinking about how to approach combat in the more modern game era!

Isokron -> RE: Unit Combat Values (10/14/2012 9:23:14 AM)

The strength points are a good first approximation of the strength of the unit I would say. But different unit types have different attack/defence stats so that modifies it as well. Infantry have 10 attack power (20 while defending) per subunit while tanks usually have ~50 and so on.

As Liquidsky said on top of this there is a lot of modifiers where readiness is usually the most important, then we have stuff like entrenchment (this and readiness is basically why you bombard the hex first), overstacking penalty, surround bonus for attacker, terrain modifier for unit types (dont use armor in hills etc), unit experience (promotions is best corps card for long campaigns), hq bonus (personel is best army card for long campaigns). Well there is more just read the manual but suffice to say that you can gain a several hundred percents bonus advantage over your opponent if you do it right.

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