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Shark7 -> Ship class questions (10/13/2012 4:04:11 PM)

The first question:

Which types of ships on both sides can launch float planes underway? I'm more interested in the auxiliary types, (obviously I know warships and CS can).

oldman45 -> RE: Ship class questions (10/14/2012 3:49:23 AM)

I can't think of anything else that could.

PaxMondo -> RE: Ship class questions (10/14/2012 4:45:54 AM)

Some AV's have that as well.  Several IJ AV have integral units of say 4 a/c, and then have support for 16 more a/c if they are in a port.

Dili -> RE: Ship class questions (10/14/2012 8:56:32 AM)

Any ship that has catapult in theory should be able to launch airplanes underway. In Japan it seems the only AV's that couldn't so were Kamoi and Akitsushima since they hadn't.

Shark7 -> RE: Ship class questions (10/14/2012 5:08:14 PM)

What I'm curious about is in game, which ships (especially Allied) could launch underway.

Example, can Langley launch its float planes underway? In reality it could, it did have a single catapult, however in game I'm not sure it can. So that begs the question what Allied types can so I could change it in a mod to more accurately reflect its abilities (this assumes that I'm not mistaken and it can't launch underway).

inqistor -> RE: Ship class questions (10/14/2012 6:38:44 PM)

I think that all ships can operate FPs if they have defined capacity - but FP capacity, support, and combat missions are all separate definitions. Ship can only support some of this things.

There are few Japanese AMCs, which have planes, definitely their submarines operate planes, I do not checked those large late-war submarines, with float TBs, but they probably can launch them on combat mission.

I have been using LANGLEY as ASW platform NE of JAVA, it operated 2 planes then (from 4 capacity)

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