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Twotribes -> Possible crash to desktop? (10/11/2012 6:56:09 PM)

I can not be sure this is a bug, in the Caesar campaign I click on a certain General in a stack and it crashes to desktop. The problem is I have mouse issues. sometimes in several games by clicking the mouse I crash to desktop. Has anyone had any problems with a specific general in Caesar campaign?

JudgeDredd -> RE: Possible crash to desktop? (10/11/2012 8:12:31 PM)

Which General and I'll check for you

JudgeDredd -> RE: Possible crash to desktop? (10/11/2012 8:15:57 PM)

If you are talking about the Roman Civil War campaign, then I've been playing that campaign for quite a few turns now (I'm at 44BC I think) and I've had no CTDs in game at all. It's possible I may not have clicked the specific commander you speak of - and I am playign Caesar...

Twotribes -> RE: Possible crash to desktop? (10/11/2012 10:15:16 PM)

I will check again. I loaded some mouse program, name of which I have forgotten and have crash problems with matrix games due to clicking the mouse ( no where else) But in this case both times it happened when I clicked on a specific general. Probably my random crash problem.

76mm -> RE: Possible crash to desktop? (10/15/2012 10:45:06 AM)

I have frequent crashes to desktop in this game, regardless of whether I click on a particular general. The issue is discussed on the AGEOD website.

Twotribes -> RE: Possible crash to desktop? (10/15/2012 2:21:35 PM)

Mine is not the game I checked again and had no problems.

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