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tjhkkr -> Characters -- Shakturi, Mechnoids (10/11/2012 5:35:34 PM)


Has anyone else out there tried to assign or make characters for the Shakturi or Mechnoids.

I kept the original names from the DW story board to the events will still trigger, but the Shakturi are the Empire and the Mechnoids are the Rebellion. I have assigned characters to them... but I have not had any sign of the Rebel (Mechnoid) characters... and I have not yet triggered the Empire (Shakturi) to attack.

Anyone else tried this?
If Elliot is out there: what will this do?

Igard -> RE: Characters -- Shakturi, Mechnoids (10/11/2012 11:30:40 PM)

I have no idea what it will do TJ. I would expect them to work just the same but I can't be sure. You'll need to run a test game to find out if any of these characters ever appear.

Did you set some of the characters to spawn at the start? To do this set their appearance order to '0'.

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