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Harrs -> Hard starting conditions.. (10/11/2012 2:25:48 PM)

First AAR
Random Race.
Very hard settings: Aggresive Aliens.
My Starting conditions:. Trying home system, starting technology
Research expensive.. 3.19 sectors Colonization Radius. 700 Stars 10X10 Sectors Varied Clusters
Enemy Settings. My favourite Enemies
All have better starting condition than me..
Some Excelent planets.. Some 2 planets in the beginning.. Some better technology..
Victory Conditions..
90% .. hard conditions..

Random Race Democracy..

So lets start..

What the **** I hate Gizzureans..

Starting Cluster.
Hmm no research station.. no research bonus location.. :(

Hope that I am alone here..

WTF2 Gizzureans are my neighbours..

There planet has double the population than mine.. I hope they will stay friendly in the beginning..

My Tactics..

lets see.. I can expand to the top.. or to the middle.. to the top is likely better because I assume less enemies there..


Harrs -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/11/2012 2:33:22 PM)

First redesign.. : Exploration ship MK2. double Fuel Storage.. Allways good.

Because I have no research station.. I will redesign my medium Space Port.
So I quadrupled my hightec research. For just 1711$.

I need marshly Swamp (polymer and Carbon) and The rusan technology wonder as fast as possible..

Found a planet with 20% to energy research..

Redesign of a DFB for this Gas Planet..
So I save maintanance.. Otherwise I would build DFB and a Gas minings station and an energy research center.
So I just need to spend 8900 for my DFB GAS ENERGY station.. half defense.. but nice :)

Harrs -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/11/2012 3:32:06 PM)

Ok it doesnt look so bad..
And than this..

Ok you are my Brothers why do you donít like me??
Trade sanctions against me..
If they declare War.. I could be dead.. in minutes..

Send them two time high gift.. but I am still broke..
Wow found a ruin with location to a lost ship!!! YES Hope it is an Capital Ship.. (Devastator or so)
My double fuel exploration ship has to go to sector A4..

Catastrophy.. the ****ing Giz assholes declared war on me!!! WHY because I am democratic?
Democracy.. is important for me.. I need the better growth ratio and the faster research..

[:@]WAR!! and I have two escort ships haha !

Catastrophy.. PART 2
He starts to destroy my bases.. my escort ships are dead in seconds..


Harrs -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/11/2012 8:01:01 PM)

I WILL NOT Lose this game..
I won the last 10 games.. but this start is really hard..
A capital ship in the beginning killing all my bases..

Wow my last hope is full filed.. I found a CAPITAL SHIP!! Yes.. send it fast to my home system..
Thank to my double fuel exploration ships !!!

And the best Thing is there is an independent Colony


Now lets hope to get fast to the enemy capital ship..

Ahh **** he attacks my Spaceport.. and my space port is much weaker then his ship..
Go Fast capital ship..

Puuh.. shields down up to 10 per cent.. but my Capital ship is beefier than his.. And he was weakend because of the fight with my medium space port..
I couldnít kill it because this ship has no Hyperdeny..
STRIKE BACK!! yeah..
Now with this ship I am safe a little bit..
Crazy fight.. I cant even build frigates.. and it is a fight between two capital ships..

This capital ships are too mighty so early in the game..

But I have a chance..
Now I design a mini troop ship (size 220) to invade the independent colony.. with this colony I am nearer to the cluster in the north.. I hope this one is free..
On my Cluster it seems that there is not only the gizureans there.. I see a lot of green ships.

I have invaded the independent colony with this ships..

And I have now peace with the Gizureans.. They fear my capital ship haha...

tylertoo -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/12/2012 8:05:39 PM)

Thanks for doing this. Hope you keep going.

Harrs -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/12/2012 9:22:55 PM)

Year: 2757
Now he blocks my Spaceport.. I have to kill some frigates..
Again War.. and then again peace.
No Problemo.. I will win this game :)
Also I am the last in the comparison Table. As excepted.. But I hope I will be first soon.
So I colonize the independent colony with 360 million gizureans. With 0% tax they will grow incredible.. Thatís the only good thing with gizureans with their natural Default reproduction rate of 62% .
And I found a marshy swamp planet in the north cluster! Yes with 93% quality. And more importantly polymer and Carbon fibre.. And it seems that there is nobody on this cluster.
The plan A looks good.. I expand to the cluster in the north..

I found out that I am not alone on my Cluster with the girureans.. I have the lovely Ikkurons on my cluster too.. And they have a nice continental planet with 90% quality..

I am quite broke.. So I trade my map for 50000
And I trade to declare war to the ape race Ikkuro for 100000 maybe I can invade their nice conti planet.. So now I have a cash flow of -13.000 but With this money I can survive a little.. and build 40 explorer.
Stupid AI.. I will trade a lot of money for technology and my galaxy map..
I redesign the gas mining station.. More storage more docking station and double the defences..
I build on strategy position some of them.. In the north cluster and on some gas clouds between me and the north cluster.
I expand to the next cluster. Now I have all important resources: Polymer Steel and Carbon Fibre..
I start to repair two capital ships.. after killing some Construction ships.. Yes I know its unfair.. but they didnít declare war on me after killing their construction ships.. hehe

Harrs -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/12/2012 10:03:57 PM)

I have built the Rusan Wonder! Yes now I will be in the lead for hightec research for the rest of the game.. Its so unbalanced..

And I found another Capital Ship.. THE DEVASTATOR juhu..
Now I have 4 capital ships of them.. I tell you build explorer ships.. they are really worth the money..

I expand further to the north.. Its full of marshy swamps.. Thatís nice!
The continental planet in the middle of my start cluster (pink arrow) changes the Owner to the gizureans and back.. Now I have peace with the green Ikkurons.. but I will attack this planet anyway [:D]


I am still killing some more construction ships on the debris field.... They will never learn.. I repair more of them.. Wow I never had a fleet of 7 Capital ships so early [X(]


And I found Loros frut and kasabian Spice in the north cluster.. It goes well now..


My population grows fast.. I expand to the north very agresively.. Home planet just producing one colony ships in masses.. I invaded the continental planet in the middle of my start cluster.. (Green Arrow)
And I found the zenox on my north cluster.. I will send some troop ships there.. (Pink Arrow)


Population Explosion!!
Wow this gizurean reproduction rate is incredible.. Did I mention that I love the gizureans..
See the graphs.. 0% tax trick.. and a leader with +58% growth ratio.. crazy guy..


I am first now with the victory condition points!
2 day ago.. I thougt after 10 wins against very hard this is my first game that I will lose but now winning is just a matter of time..
With my capital ship fleet I can destroy the space port of the gizureans. I need a big invasion force first..


How disappointing [:(].. I thought it will be more challenging..[:-] I will expand fast and start some wars to get some fun ;)

McMike -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/13/2012 10:33:30 PM)

wow... good luck to you. ;)

RaffleSnaffle -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/19/2012 5:21:32 AM)

I like the pace of this.

I also enjoy the flavor of comedy you write with.

Good AAR. Keep going! :)

Kalthaniell -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/19/2012 10:08:52 AM)

I love your avatar ^^ also great AAR. I wonder what will happen next :)


Also, Gizurean democracy -LOL

Harrs -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/19/2012 7:52:25 PM)

Hehe nice picture.. I vote for the left one..
I am first with the population.. But I need more planets.. The Quanamo have more than me..
DEATH to the FROGS..
I build colony ships in masses.. And I will research the desert and Ice colonization

My leader is more like Hitler.. its the first leader.. And he or she still does not want to go away..
But her specs are phenomenal :) Hail to Queen Retzok..

Her Population growth.. makes me first :)

What will happen next.. I expand..

There is still someone I dont know in the biggest cluster.. This race must have the most planets..

I have now so many Marshly swamp and continental planets that I will not have any lack of polymer or carbon fibre in the next years!!
So I can slowly switch between defending and expanding.. To INVADING hahaha.. and exterminating all races on all planets..
Only one planet has 35% taxes.. the rest is tax free.. and up to 152% growth ratio hehe.. Gizzureans are worse than rats..
If you have one on your planet.. they will quadrupel in 10 years..
But the 0% tax has some benefits.. the following charts.

My population explosion is going on..
And i get a lot of migration from the gizzurean enemies hehe..

Come here to the good gizzurean empire here you have democracy and freedom[:'(].. But still there is only one to vote HAIL to QUEEN REZOK and 0% tax..

I think the Kiadian race is the one on the biggest cluster.. they have now 26 planets.. But me too :)

But still with 0% tax.. I dont have to suffer on the cash side.. I exchanged some technology for money.. but I dont need it anymore.. nobody likes me but everyone want to trade with me my spaceport income is great..
With this big population it is now on time to build resort bases everywhere..

My milititary is still very poor.. 7 capital ships and 4 frigates.. hehe But if I tech up a little bit then I will start to build some destroyers!

On the next episode.. I will show you how to design good invading ships.. and win a war without one lasershot :)

Kalthaniell -> RE: Hard starting conditions.. (10/20/2012 11:14:10 AM)

LOL! I love the humour you put into this AAR :P 'my leader is more like hitler' almost made me fall from my chair[:D]

Can't wait to see which enemy empire will go down first ^^ The Frogs are the obvious choice[sm=00000055.gif] though the smaller ones would be much easier kills.

All hail the Queen Reztok, the only true democratic leader![&o][&o][&o][&o] [sm=00000023.gif]

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