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wodin -> Retro City rampage (10/10/2012 6:48:26 PM)

Been having some fun with this little indie title...real fun nostalgia trip through my youth and 8bit games..enjoying it way more than I thought I would.

Scott Parrino -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/11/2012 6:53:04 PM)

I find it fun in short bursts. Most of the fun I have is changing the display and just strolling about the city checking out the homages and inside jokes.

wodin -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/11/2012 8:52:19 PM)

Yeah you can't take too much of it..good for a 10 min time killer.

I will say this about the big games released this week. I was fortunate to play both Dishonoured and XCom..and I have to say Dishonoured is good, but nothing amazing really. As for XCom..maybe it's me but the amount of hype just seemed abit much after playing a few's a good game. Though nothing ground breaking and certainly streamlined for the modern age. It's obvious it's aimed at the console crowd.

I'd say the Squadron 42 announcement has me more excited.

radic202 -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/11/2012 9:04:24 PM)

Don't even touch XCom: Enemy unknown if you want any "life time"! This game is phenomenal to say the least! And get ready to start multiple times over as getting "your but kicked" is an every day thing! Gosh this game brings me back to the original XCom series of the mid to late 1990s. Heck China dislikes the way I take care of the Aliens so much that in my 2 first attempts they have left my XCom project in disgust (or panic is a better word for it)!!!

So far very disappointed in Dishonored as all it is to me is a "Bioshock 1 and 2" without being underwater. But I may be a little biased as I very much dislike anything First Person, picked it up only because the story looked interesting but I should have known better, I absolutely despise FPS games period even though this has tons of RPG elements in it.

Maybe I will have better luck with "of Orcs and Humans" that comes out today.

wodin -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/11/2012 9:27:03 PM)

XCom for me felt like a turn based cover shooter. It just lacks detail and depth and all those things that apparently bored others in the original I'd rather they had expanded and improved rather than streamlined or cut.

Dis definitely feels like Bisoshock but that isn't a bad thing. It's a good game and I recommend it to FPS players. However XCom will divide opinion. Those who want a deep turn based tactical experience I feel will find it lacking over the original especially in the management aspects. I mean even stances have been cut out to a degree. Also an XCom operative can only carry one grenade and if they do they can't carry a medkit. Things like this seem odd. Give me soldiers with attributes that effect their ability to carry a certain amount of equipment. it's a good game, but for me not a classic.

Alien Assault 2 has way more appeal than XCom and they are going down the right path to create a superb turn based game. Though it's a couple of years away yet. You can get in on the deign aspect over at Teardown forums. I've put forward several suggestions and some have been taken up. SO you do get the chnace to influence the game design.

radic202 -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/11/2012 11:47:50 PM)

Yep wodin your comments on the new Xcom are pretty much to a "T" but I like it nonetheless as there are not many games like that out there to play. Unless you play the outdated graphics of the original Xcom. I did find it strange that you can only carry either a medikit or a grenade and your grenade can damage some of the materials you need for research. Now because I started over from scratch twice, it does offer replay-ability to and extant and that is another thing games lack in general, especially "Train Track" RPGs and of course every single FPS out there.

I tried Dis again and still does nothing for me, I expected that the RPG elements would carry me through as they did in both Bioshock games but so far no go and it is too bad as the story is pretty awesome especially for a leftist politician like me.

Heck I even tried Fable Journey but way too much "Train Track" to make it even close to compelling. I must admit that using the kinnect is fun but it grows old way too fast. Much preferred Sorcery for the PS3 when it comes to "waves your arms as the controller "and I am a huge Fable fan.

So that leaves me with "of Orcs and Humans" which is suppose to be released today but apparently they made a mistake for North America and it is not yet playable on this continent. Hopefully that will change soon?

Otherwise I will go back to reading "the Hammer and the Blade" pretty awesome fantasy book in the mean time.

Perturabo -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/12/2012 1:22:14 PM)

For me there's no point of buying XCOM. I want a spiritual successor that is deeper and has better AI, not a dumbed down version.
I would rather play a purely strategic or purely skirmish or purely tactical alien-killing game than something where the both layers are dumbed-down and more gamey.
When I want to play good old game, I play a good old game. I have a constant contact with these games since mid-90s, so I don't have any problems with graphics.

wodin -> RE: Retro City rampage (10/14/2012 3:07:00 AM)

I've played alot more pf XCom recently and I can't get over how no one seems to mention the terrible and I mean terrible LOS issues. For a tactical game it's awful.

It is a fun game..but blimey not so sure why it's getting so much love.

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