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Omnius -> 1.04 Patch a Major Step Backwards (10/10/2012 5:48:44 PM)

I tried out the new 1.04 patch and found it to be a major step backwards. I played as Switzerland in the 1939 campaign just to let the AI's at normal run through their paces and see if there was any improvement in the far too weak USSR in 1.02. I did see the USSR win the game but it wasn't because it was better so much as the whole Axis alliance being pitiful beyond belief.

The USSR went to war with Finland then stopped but didn't DOW the Baltic States. Around May of 1941 the fun started between Axis and the USSR. I turned off FoW to have a look and was puzzled as to why Germany owned hexes in Italy, Hungary and Romania. Not only that but Germany controlled several Romanian cities and Hungary controlled Vienna. Instead of getting after the USSR these supposed allies seemed more intent on protecting their cities from their allies. After some more turns I found that Italy was controlled by bands of German and Italian control. It was bizarre to see Germany control the tip of Italy, then Italy controlled a band of southern Italy while Germany controlled a band around Rome, then Italy and then Germany controlling northern Italy. Something is very wrong in the hex control part of the program where home countries are concerned. Germany should never have controlled any hexes of Hungary, Italy or Romania. Hungary should never have controlled Vienna. I saved the game and went into Germany to look to see if it was ever at war with any of these countries or had any combats and there weren't any reports of such activity. This was long before the USSR came barreling in.

One anomaly I noticed between the two games as Switzerland is why does Switzerland get the same amount of PP's per turn in both games when there are 4 turns of Time of Fury for every turn of SWiE? I would think that SWiE PP production should be multiplied by 4, as well as upkeep, tp keep it in proportion with ToF.

I wish I had never bought this game or Time of Fury. ToF crashes far too often and in two of the three games I ran through as Switzerland I encountered fatal crashes. I wish I could return both games for a refund as neither has been worth playing for real. I should have paid more attention to comparisons to Hearts of Iron, one of the worst games ever made. I have to horse around now playing beta tester rather than being able to enjoy playing the game. I hope your beta testers wake up and start noticing these problems before you put out such a poorly done patch.

I am attaching a saved game of turn 21 so you can see just how screwy the Axis alliance looks as far as hex control goes. I will post turn 40's save in the next message. I certainly hope that before you put out 1.05 in a rush you make sure this hex control problem gets fixed as it is the biggest problem between 1.02 and 1.04 that I can see. I also wonder why I didn't see any kind of 1941 beginning of war influx of PP's or units for the USSR, or the Siberian reserves early in 1942. I saw Siberian reserves in ToF.

Omnius -> 1.04 Patch a Major Step Backwards (10/10/2012 6:02:03 PM)

Here's the saved game from turn 40 of the same test game I played in the previous message. Just shows more of the screwy hex control problem I saw while watching the AI's play themselves while I watched as Switzerland.

Some notes of poor AI performance. I never see the Allied AI invade Sicily or Italy like I do I do seeing them invade at Naples in Time of Fury. I also don't see the AI's doing a good job of maintaining solid lines, far too often they send out some big armored formation by itself only to get it surrounded, cut off from supply and then killed. The AI does a poor job protecting cities, especially when there are units dependent upon supply from them like a port that's supposed to be supplying invasion forces. No wonder Allied invasions are always so pathetic.

I guess that like Time of Fury there is no country liberation. I was able to see in ToF that France never got liberated, it was just conquered by whatever Allied or Comintern country owned them at the time of Germany's surrender. The same with Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. I also didn't like that conquered countries became home country for the conquering country instead of staying separate but conquered. The 100% PP production from these conquered countries is very unrealistic and a major insult to all those real people in those historically conquered countries that practiced passive and active resistance. Conquered countries should not be part of the home country and should not produce PP's at 100%, some lesser fraction would be much more historically accurate.

doomtrader -> RE: 1.04 Patch a Major Step Backwards (10/13/2012 5:37:41 PM)

If I see correctly in your save game Germany is at war with Hungary and Romania, and Romania and Hungary also at war with each other.

Omnius -> Thanks for Correction (10/25/2012 5:09:49 PM)

Thanks for the correction pointing out that Germany was at war with Italy and Hungary, no wonder the hex control and the way they acted towards each other was so screwy. I thought I had checked that before but I guess I didn't. All I can say to Germany being at war with Italy and Hungary is "WTF"?

doomtrader -> RE: Thanks for Correction (10/30/2012 1:08:48 PM)

It is hard to say why does it happens at this point.

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