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Odin -> Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/10/2012 2:29:04 PM)

Hello guys i will start a new campaign today on allied side...never done this with witpae.

Do you have any tips what to do in the first days? Supply convoys...something like this?

Thank you!

ChadS -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/10/2012 2:59:45 PM)

Sardaukar's Newbie AAR

This has been a tremendous help for me. I used it through about 10 turns, then restarted, using it more like an advisor, not necessarily doing everything the same way.

If I ever become "knowledgeable" on the game, I'd like to put together a "things to consider" doc that discusses things at a much higher level, like at the theatre level.

Odin -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/11/2012 10:56:12 AM)

Thank you!!!

rjopel -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/11/2012 11:24:15 AM)

Prayer is also a good way to start.

Kull -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/11/2012 6:29:07 PM)

If you want a detailed listing of "what to do" for every single starting Allied unit, take a look at the thread (with spreadsheet link) in my signature. Don't necessarily have to follow every instruction exactly, but it will definitely get you through the dreaded "second turn" much faster than would normally be possible. Not recommended for PBEM!

Odin -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/12/2012 7:14:04 AM)


ORIGINAL: rjopel

Prayer is also a good way to start.

Yes for shure:-)

Thank you guys.

Ideas for the first moves are one problem...time is another.

I have absolutely no idea how many hours you other guys are playing, but yesterday i started the new game and i ask myself if i could finish it before i pass away.

Did someone ever played the full campaign from start to the end?

And how many months/years were needed?

Can somebody tell me?:-)

Yaab -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/12/2012 6:15:38 PM)

Second turn is hell.

Sardaukar -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/12/2012 6:51:10 PM)

Play 2-day turns. It also helps AI quite a lot.

derhexer -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/13/2012 1:05:47 AM)

I enjoyed Sardaukar's Newbie AAR and got a lot out of it. This is already making a new campaign game interesting. Particulary about sending escorts 2k feet above strike planes, but not above 15k.

One thing that I have done with East Coast reinforcements is spread them out across bases on the West Coast, not send one type to each different base. So, Seattle, San Francisco, LA and San Diego each get a mix of fighters, 2e and 4e bombers and patrol planes. I also spread out the artillery, AA, engineers and infantry (except Marines - all Marine sgo to San Diego). This more realistically reflects how we responded in the early days after 12/7/41. Local commanders wanted to be able to react to a potential invasion.

Takes some sorting out later but that part of a leader's job.

MuguNiner -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/13/2012 5:14:54 AM)

I once ran the original WITP as an AI vs AI 24/7. The Japanese won a marginal victory. Macarthur retook the PI, the USMC died at Kwajalien atol, Nimitz and Halsey were no where to be found, and the Japanese held the central Pacific. If memory serves me correct, it took a about a week.

John Lansford -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/13/2012 10:08:09 PM)


I've played the campaign game three times, twice to completion. Both times I "won" by having the AI sue for peace in mid- or late 1944. IIRC both campaigns took about a year to complete, with me running a few turns each night most evenings. On the weekends I might get 4-6 turns in, depending on what I was doing that day. I did stay up an entire night playing on the week between Christmas and New Years Day, but I'm not sure I was really aware of what I was doing in the game...

Shark7 -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/14/2012 5:14:01 PM)

If you are playing against the AI, experiment and use it as a learning experience. If you are starting a PBEM...metally prepare yourself for 6 months continuous bad news, the first few months when you don't have enough planes, ships or well...anything...can be depressing if you aren't ready for it.

Odin -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/15/2012 2:34:59 PM)

Ok thank you guys!!!:-)

Just started by now, like wise commander will do.

Areas which were clearly lost will be given up.

By now, every man, every ship, every airgroup which can move are going south to establish a line which can be defended.

By doing so, i hope to hold Rabaul and perhaps Timor, and concentrate forces to block the enemy to move further south.

Will see if it works!;-)

John Lansford -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/20/2012 1:57:13 AM)

I've never managed to save Timor; the AI really, really wants that island and will throw everything it has into taking it. I moved a Dutch division there, plus the CD unit, plus a British brigade, and ended up only delaying the inevitable. The problem is, Timor is within range of many big airbases, you won't be able to resupply without taking horrendous ship losses from air attack, and eventually you get starved out. Plus, if you're not careful you'll trigger the KB coming down there to help in the invasion, and often they decide to go raid Darwin. If you're like me Darwin is usually stuffed full of refugee ships from DEI and PI, and if the KB shows up they decimate that shipping.

I've heard if you pour everything you can get in a ship to Rabaul as fast as you can, sometimes you can hang onto it. That sounds like a really risky strategy to me though; if you lose that base you also lose the reinforcements you would have sent to Port Moresby, making that base's loss more likely as well and making keeping the Solomons and north Australia even more difficult.

Lokasenna -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/20/2012 8:03:29 AM)

With aggressive (apparently really, really aggressive) use of surface combat TFs in the DEI area, in my first AI game (scen 1) I was able to solidly hold onto Java, Oosthaven, and Koepang. I drowned probably 100k-200k Japanese troops in the first 3-4 months of the war. Also took back Rabaul with the 1st Aus Div as soon as I could buy it out, roughly a week after the 144th Regiment took the base, and recaptured the southern Celebes as well as Balikpapan by February. I was somewhat disappointed with how quickly that game turned into a slogfest, but what else to expect when playing against the AI?

Sakai007 -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/22/2012 7:26:03 PM)

I have never played a PBEM, but against the AI I had a very rough time early in the war. I did develop a tactic that involves using CLs and DDs, sometimes the odd CA, to hit invasions TFs as you evacuate. I try to engage by night, then dash out of LBA range. Those troops would be greatly appreciated by the Emperor now I am sure, as it's early-mid 44 and my allied steam roller is hammering the empire from all angles. It sucks in the beginning, but after you give the Japanese a proper spanking with mid-late war allied hardware, you almost feel bad for em!

Wally Wilson -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/25/2012 8:40:38 AM)


I've played the full campaign through to completion twice - once under the orginal game and once under AE. Both times took a little over a year, but that includes vacations, trips overseas, business trips, and some non-motivated periods.

There may be slow times when you can run 4 day turns, and other times, such as during amphib invasions, that you will want 1 day turns.

Both games were human Allies vs Japanese AI and I won both with Major Victories, once in August 1945 and the second in May 1945. The second game was the "ironman" scenario, which provides for special challenges.

In the first game, under the original game, I got very lucky and had my "Midway" stopping the Japanese invasion fleet short of Port Moresby with land based air and devistated the carrier force, damage from which they never recovered. In the second game, because land based bombers had been nerfed vs naval, I was very cautious about investing my carriers in battle and afraid if I lost them I would not be able to stop the KB, so I did little damage to the KB. I had two successful surface battles when British BB squadrons encountered some of the surprise ships in the scenario.

I moved up the Solomon's and the KB came out when I attacked Rabaul as they did later when I attacked Guam, then Iwo Jima. All three times they got severe butt stompings handed to them by the USN. I cleared out New Guinea,half of the PI, and Okinawa when the Japanese surrendered.

My key was not to fight a strategic, theater wide battle of attrition, but organize forces for overwhelming attacks designed to wipe out the Japanese with as little loss to the Allies as possible by concentration of forces.

Also, in the CBI, not much was accomplished in China, but India was held and a strong counter thrust put into place to throw the Japanese out of Burma and Thailand. At the end of the game, I was reading for attacks on Bangkok and towards Tavoy.

Keys. Logistics. Get your CS and autoconvoys in place. As the autoconvoys come out of SF, you could do fuel CS convoys from LA and troop and airplanes out of other ports.

When you perform and amphibious assault always have bases and supplies ready to move in so you can start repairing, expanding and using the base immediately.

Pay special attention to always having fuel in the pipeline moving west. If necessary, it can be diverted to a different port than the original planned destination.

Getting supplies and bases moving forward is paramount. Set up, and understand your replenishment task forces.

Once you've learned logistics, everything else will fall into place.

I'll be happy to answer other questions you may have - they may not be the best answer, but it will be what I've done.


gmsitton -> RE: Starting a new Campaign allied side-how to begin (10/25/2012 9:13:43 AM)


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