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Vasquez -> Victory Locations (10/9/2012 8:14:49 PM)

Played the Scenario No. 4 (Storm of Lead and iron). I whiped the Yankees from the Farm (Mc Phersons Ridge) to my right but the Locations did not show the Confederate Flag (see the screen below).

While the Yanks were on the run (after I took the screen I ordered a charge and drove the Yanks even further away but the flag was still neutral)

I got a major defeat...? (The K/D Ration was in my favor).


RebBugler -> RE: Victory Locations (10/9/2012 8:28:47 PM)

You must have an officer and the minimum required number of troops to activate and hold an objective for points, while remaining within the objective's required radius. Click on the officer, and when activated, a message in red will be scripted across your screen with the objective info data.

To find an objective's hold requirements beforehand, mouse-over the objective star in the mini map.

If enemy forces come within the objective's radius while you are holding, they can nullify your aware. If enemy forces already hold your objective, they must be ousted before you can activate it and be awarded points.

Vasquez -> RE: Victory Locations (10/9/2012 8:47:08 PM)

Thank you. Well I saw it is all explained in the manual page 101 silly me. Harrr Ill try again =)

RebBugler -> RE: Victory Locations (10/10/2012 5:10:49 PM)



Thank you. Well I saw it is all explained in the manual page 101 silly me. Harrr Ill try again =)

Yeah, more details there. Thanks for the page number. Figured it would be faster explaining the basics rather than looking it up and referring to the page.[sm=sign0031.gif]

NWT065 -> RE: Victory Locations (10/23/2012 10:04:44 PM)

Same thing happened to me. I held the objective with an entire brigade ( I think Iverson's) lined up along the fence row beside the road with Iverson (TC'd so he wouldn't wander off) sitting right under the objective. The symbol stayed neutral throughout. The closest Yanks were in the woods South of the farm. I wonder if there is something wrong with the victory location?

Little Powell -> RE: Victory Locations (10/25/2012 1:52:35 PM)

The enemy troops still must have been close enough. This scenario has been tested and played countless times over the years, so I doubt there is a bug with the victory location.

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