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Yaab -> Naval Support - per phase or per day? (10/9/2012 2:45:37 PM)

In my many restarts I have worked under an assumption that Naval Support squads help augment the individual ships load/unload rates on daily basis. So, a port of size 3 would load 300 supply points per ship/per phase and 600 supply points per ship/per day. With 36 Naval Support present at the base, I thought it would go up to 960 supply points DAILY (600 + 360), but it seems that Naval Support ups ship load limits per PHASE, that is 300+360 and 300+360, totalling 1320 daily. That is the only way I can interpret the Tracker numbers for Townsville port at start. Was expecting to see 960 supplies per day per ship and Tracker reports 1320. The manual on page 126 was pretty vague on this effect and somehow wrong calculations sticked with me.

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