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LeeChard -> New to email games (10/9/2012 1:28:08 PM)

I am currantly playing my first email game and I am hooked.
I normally play useing Combat Reporter but I can't get it to run. The report screen is blank. I don't really need it for Guadalcanal but in the future I would like to play a campaign and with that much to keep track of I would like to have it up and running.
Any ideas? -> RE: New to email games (10/9/2012 2:07:56 PM)

Hello Ranger,

You need to check two things out to be sure what your problem is.

1. Start by checking the content of the text file.

Example ----- Start
watchDir="E:\\Extended Disk\\Matrix Games\\War in the Pacific (Admirals Edition)\\SAVE\\archive"
startIntervalDate="07/25/2011 04:00 PM"
witpDir="E:\\Extended Disk\\Matrix Games\\War in the Pacific (Admirals Edition)"
Example ----- End

The first fault could be that the side is set to 'j' for Japanese when you are actually playing as Allied ('a').
Also check that the directory paths are all correctly set and that the Game start date is also correctly set.

In the example listed above you will note that I archive my turns in the <game base dir>\SAVE\archive directory.

If you choose to archive your files (thus not overwriting the base files each game turn) you also need to ensure that the correct command line switch -archive has been activated.

If you do not know of the available command line switches read through the WhatsNew.pdf file found in the base game directory for an overview.

Actually now that I have checked there is a useful program dialogue box built into the program for setting the configuration of the Combat Reporter which will make it a bit easier. Click File->Preferences to activate it.

Roger Neilson 3 -> RE: New to email games (10/9/2012 3:29:17 PM)

When you have that one running also check out



Both a lot of fun.


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