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LiquidSky -> Poland (10/9/2012 7:17:44 AM)

Just a little something I have been working on...started out wanting to do all of Russia for Barbarossa, but thought I would go smaller and do the invasion of Poland first


LiquidSky -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 7:22:22 AM)

I just have to add some more labels for the rivers and other terrain features.....and maybe figure out some roads, as I only have the rail lines on (and put roads with them)

The black hexes are impassable because the map I ummm....'borrowed' from has a different hex configuration. ( it goes up down up down instead of down up down up).

The terrain looks this way because I am using a meld of RedMarkus' mod, with um....bits of Krupp thrown in.


LiquidSky -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 7:57:03 AM)

Around Warsaw:


Repsol -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 12:04:48 PM)


Looks intresting...Good luck with the project !

redmarkus4 -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 1:58:32 PM)

Looking forward to it!

Blond_Knight -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 3:44:14 PM)

Im actually playing the Poland scenario in Warsaw to Paris now.

LiquidSky -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 8:27:45 PM)

Hmm...I don't own that game..is the map similar?

Blond_Knight -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 8:53:45 PM)

Its the previous DC game.

Keunert -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 8:56:37 PM)


i think your map is bigger

Blond_Knight -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 9:17:09 PM)

Yeah, I think the Poland map in Warsaw to Paris is just the western portion of the country.

LiquidSky -> RE: Poland (10/9/2012 10:17:49 PM)

I was just reading your AAR over at the Warsaw to Eternity board :)

That map I am drawing this from is 10km/hex. They cover most of europe from England/Norway/France, and the entire Mediterrainian, across turkey to the Caspian.

This is all the different games out so far, with the maps stitched together:

Keunert -> RE: Poland (10/10/2012 4:53:18 AM)


that's not the thing you plan to copy? right? that is the map you have done?

i am all for a hypothetical swiss invasion by the axis scenario!

LiquidSky -> RE: Poland (10/10/2012 5:27:45 AM)

no..that is the map I am copying...I only did the Poland portion. The entire series isnt out yet, hence the white splotches....but I could do Italy....or Turkey, or Scandinavia....

All in all, I believe it is over 1000 hexes across.

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