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RisingSun -> Map editor infos (10/8/2012 2:25:24 PM)

Not sure how big the maps are or the database. So there is no grand campaign to play The Pacific? How friendly is the editor, been looking for something to recreate battles when battles take place on another game (table top) to carry out more complex details. So i wasnt sure if this will work or not.

JSS -> RE: Map editor infos (10/10/2012 7:43:24 PM)

My somewhat limited experience with the CAW editor is that its "friendliness" depends on how much you play the game. If you understand how CAW works for game mechanics, then I'd say the editor is medium level friendly (but pretty much 100% effective). Have much more experience with the SSG Decisive Battles and Kharkov game engines; for those I'd describe the editor as medium level friendly with key things that must be learned/passed down from SSG. Another key for CAW is creating the situation cards which impact game play.

My understanding is that everything in the Pacific is possible in CAW (lots of incredible new formation graphics have been developed by players). IIRC, the Pacific Map provided in the game is the only one that can be used. One of the challenges in creating scenarios for the Decisive Battles/Kharkov game engines is a hard turn limit (80 turns). I simply don't recall if this is an issue for CAW with regard to creating the grand campaign you mention.

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