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dr.hal -> Sub Searching, other searches (10/8/2012 4:55:46 AM)

Given all the talk about Subs, wolfpacs, and detection, I have a basic question. When doing an air search, such as ASW or regular surface search, quite often it is from a port or other such base that is on a shore line. If that shore line runs lets say north south and runs down more or less in a straight line with the west half being land and the other half sea hexes, does the computer automatically detect that an ASW search can't possible make sense over a full land hex and that the aircraft only search sea hexes or partial hexes if no sectors are selected by the searching player? Of will the computer send ASW aircraft searching for subs of Alice Springs?

A second but related question is surface and ASW searches by an ASW TF in a partial hex. Lets say the search is in a channel that is narrow, only about 1/4 of the hex is water (such as in the approaches to Rangoon), are the chances of contact increased due to the fact that the amount of sea or water is decreased thus giving more coverage by ASW assets per unit of water (as each hex is 40NM by 40NM and a reduction of 75% would be substantial)? Or is ever sea hex treated as a FULL hex no matter what the land/sea ratio is in that hex?

A final question is the above but related to mining a sea hex, does a partial hex increase the chances of a transiting ship hitting the mines due to the same reasoning given above (thus mining "choke points" would greatly increase the effectiveness of mines)?

My "guess" is that there is no difference as that would be overly complex for the system to calculate given the vastly differing land configurations in the shorelines through hexes (most hex based games have the shorelines running on the "edges" of a hex thus clarifying what that hex is, but in this game that would be totally unrealistic in terms of the map presentation, but is that how the computations are done in relation to the hexes, each is 100% water for water related searches).

Inquiring minds want to know!

Thanks.. Hal

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