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Crimso -> Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/8/2012 1:35:31 AM)

I've noticed that when I first start the game, the text is blurry. I know there have been threads dealing with this issue, but I have found that if I end the scenario as soon as I start it, that all of the text is normal thereafter (until I restart the game). I can live with this. I've updated my drivers, verified that the game resolution is the same as monitor resolution, etc. What never changes (and is a minor quibble) is that all of the flags are very blurry. Any ideas?

Crimso -> RE: Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/8/2012 2:53:11 AM)

I should note that "false starting" a battle only cures the text problem if you have already set AntiA=2 and Anso=2 in the SOWGB configuration file. If set at 0, I get blurry text in the scenario no matter what.

Norb -> RE: Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/11/2012 3:49:46 PM)

What type of card are you using? We have had reports such are you are seeing on our boards and there was a solution. But I think that it had to do with a certain type of card and there was a setting in the cards settings that could fix it. Good find on the AA settings, many people don't dig that far :) We try to offer as many options as possible, mainly because we just don't have the resources to debug all the different configurations and to allow people to play the game as works best on their systems.

Crimso -> RE: Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/13/2012 5:37:18 AM)

I'm using an ATI Radeon 4600 series.

RebBugler -> RE: Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/13/2012 6:28:00 PM)

Crimso -> RE: Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/14/2012 4:29:09 AM)

I did already try changing the anisotropic filtering setting in the CCC, and it had no effect ( I tried the extremes of the bit settings). I think it's safe to assume it is some combination of settings for the card that will solve it, but don't really know that much about what all of the settings do, and so will have to go with trial-and-error. It's not at all like the game is unplayable. Very playable. Too playable.

RebBugler -> RE: Blurry flags (always), blurry text initially (10/14/2012 6:08:01 AM)

Well, there might be a quick fix without trial and error. If it starts to bug you more, I suggest bringing it to the SOW forum. Folks that have that card probably already know the solution...just ask.

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