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texasbigkahuna -> well I fihished the 1939-1945 on fieldmarshal (10/7/2012 9:28:50 PM)

Yep, fog of war, supply, straight play through, needless to I felt great and it took a while, when this game is complete you get a surprise... if you don't want to know do read the rest.[:-]

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OK so your get three uber generals past the field marshal mode, to my mind this was not a "good" surprise, I would rather have a fantasy scenario like maybe an invasion of Nazi into Japan. So why do the three new generals really suck? well they go from impossible to win (for me and I can complete the game on field marshal with no repeat turns) to really really really crazy impossible. To give you all an example it took maybe 30 tries just to win Poland at decisive, without this, you can't do Norway, without Norway you don't have enough experience to win France, after like 100 tries in France I got close to decisive one time and that is saving each and every time I got a lucky snot roll, crazy hard, and with no decisive on France II, you get no invasion of England, which is uber hard on Field Marshal and if you can't even invade England then you can't get a decisive in England, so no invasion of the US unless there is a way to get there without England (never did on the normal game). So to my mind instead of getting a great easter egg, I got heart ache. I'm not saying it is impossible it is just impossible for me and which is a bummer gift.[:@]

Josh -> RE: well I fihished the 1939-1945 on fieldmarshal (10/8/2012 9:50:51 AM)

LOL uhm yeah but ain't PC about having *fun* when playing it? I mean hats off to you for completing it on Fieldmarshall [&o] But it's not my cup of tea, I like to do a turn or two-three after work, on sgt/ltn lvl. Good enough for me, it's supposed to relax me a bit after a days work see? Not give me a cardiac arrest [:D]
100 tries in France .. good grief. So uhm, that probably took longer than the actual battle of France I reckon?

texasbigkahuna -> RE: well I fihished the 1939-1945 on fieldmarshal (6/14/2013 7:11:41 PM)

Well after a million tires... well not really I'm close to finishing the game on Rommel, the hardest level.
1) Poland has a bug and most of the time you are not given enough time to get a decisive ( I did it once). Sometimes you get like 4 or 5 additional turns for decisive!!!!
2) you gotta save and restart many times to get an elite unit for the first 3 scenarios. As you are really sort of cash.
3) I'm on Moscow and think I can now finish the game on Rommel. A labor of love.

LouieDee -> RE: well I fihished the 1939-1945 on fieldmarshal (4/13/2014 10:34:23 PM)

A year and a half later, I've beaten two of the three bonus FMs. The last one, SeaLion is impossible to win. All his units start every round at 15 level. I got through Poland, Norway, France, but can't win Sea Lion. I say that version 1.23 fixed the bonus FM issue, assuming that most guys can't win ANY bonus FM. I got the complete pack off Steam, only to find out that the fix is only for IPad, so basically I'm still in an impossible to win situation. Hey but I did beat the two "easy" bonus FMs...

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