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Gizuria -> A few questions from a potential buyer (10/7/2012 5:39:51 AM)

First up, this looks to be an awesome game. There are so few complaints about it and that alone is amazing as it's a new release. [X(] [&o] But I have a question or two that I'd like answered before taking the plunge.

First, there are only six scenarios. I'm going to guess that these are enormous and will provide many, many hours of gameplay much in the same way that a EU3 campaign does. Is that correct?

Second, the non-combat side of the game seems to be quite developed. I've never played an AGEOD game before so I'm not sure how developed this is. Can anybody provide any pointers as to what I can do with the non-combat game? Is there a lot more to the game than just moving stacks around and fighting?

henri51 -> RE: A few questions from a potential buyer (10/7/2012 3:05:47 PM)

As a new player to the game as well as the series, this game is as much (and maybe more) about logistics than about warfare. So yes there is plenty to do besides moving units around, or maybe I should say there is more to moving them around than looking for a battle. For example just when you figure it is time to move a big stack to North Africa to battle a traitorous ally and solidify your food supply, Rome erupts into food riots and rebel units appear near Rome, and one of your main forces in Spain is running out of supplies and risks being beaten up by a weaker army because of the supply penalties. Just to make things easier, one of your most able generals has changed sides and has joined the enemy.And Caesar, who is in Eastern Italy and was about to cross over by boat tothe East, has been waiting for almost a year because the boats who were to take him across hit a storm and the remainder don't have enough carrying capacity to carry his army; so Caesar has a choice between staying in Italy to restore order in Rome or to use the remaining ships to cross over only part of his army, risking to meet a stronger army over there, since it is unclear where the heck Pompeii is. He could be in Italy, or headed for Spain by ship (you spotted a large enemy fleet a few months ago near Italy's Western shore), or he could be gathering some allies in the East or waiting for you near the coast where you last saw him almost a year ago.

Reading some of the AARs on the AGEOD forums gives a pretty good idea of all this.


Gizuria -> RE: A few questions from a potential buyer (10/8/2012 12:53:53 AM)

Thanks for the reply Henri51. Sounds very good indeed. I'm a bit leary of reading AARs of scenarios as they tend to have spoilers and seeing as how there are only six scenarios, I'd rather not do that until I know I need the help.

henri51 -> RE: A few questions from a potential buyer (10/8/2012 1:12:04 AM)

Well in most scenarios there are non-obvious options about what to do. For example, in the Caesar vs Pompeii civil war, everyone knows that Caesar's first move is to move to Rome (otherwise there would be no civil war...). But then Pompeii can either move to the East to gather allies or move to Spain to group with his strong legions. After taking Rome, Caesar has to decide where to go and where to send his other legions: he could move South to take Sicily, move to Spain to destroy Pompeii's legions before he arrives (assuming he does), or move across the water and go East to confront Pompeii's allies (or maybe Pompeii if he does not go to Spain), or send Mark Anthony and some others to do the jobs and wait in Italy to see what Pompeii will do.In addition, there are chances that traitors will change sides and that Allies may or may not join the war, not to mention changes in strategy that have to be made because of unforeseen circumstances such as losing a battle or having a fleet sunk and preventing moving an army by sea (I once lost two full legions plus a couple of auxiliary legions at sea when I decided to move an army by ship in December [:'(]). So two games are unlikely to be exactly alike.


wodin -> RE: A few questions from a potential buyer (10/18/2012 10:47:57 AM)

With this game as it's so open reading an AAR is a must I feel if you don't know anything about the actual historical events...

OldSarge -> RE: A few questions from a potential buyer (10/18/2012 8:17:47 PM)

In spite of it only having only 5 scenarios they are certainly re-playable. When I first purchased AJE I started with the Year of the Four Emperors in order to get the hang of how it played out.

I played the scenario about 6 times before eeking out a victory. Each time I used the same faction (Vitellius) and each time it played out somewhat differently (once I got Macer another time Gaul exploded in open rebellion). There are numerous options and decisions that you can make which will change how the game unfolds, and there is a randomness in the AI disposition of forces so that they are never quite where they were the last time you played.

Each faction is given the historical position, so each faction plays out differently with a diverse set of challenges. So a scenario like YFE will be radically different based upon the faction you chose to play.

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