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jakla1027 -> Whats the difference in game? (10/6/2012 11:24:30 PM)

So i have an old PC game called Take Command 2nd Manassas (thats 5+ years old now i think), thus Im wondering what the differences are between that game and the new Scourge of War Series game? Based on the screen shots from Scourge of war thier doesnt seem to be any diffrences. Yes i relize that each game covers different battles, but is thier anything different regarding the game engine, graphics, play style, (game controls, user interface) and so on so forth between Take Command 2nd Manassas, and Scourge of War games?

Thanks if anyone can give me info regarding this subject[&o]

Garnier -> RE: Whats the difference in game? (10/7/2012 12:53:03 AM)

Some that come to mind:

1. Multiplayer with two to twenty players at once. (more is possible, 22 is highest we've seen yet)
2. Bigger maps (TC2M maps were slightly less than 2.5 miles square, SOW maps are 2.5, 5 or 10 miles square.)
3. Closer scale. (1:10 TC2M scale vs 1:4 SOW scale.)
4. Better AI
5. Game replays to watch later
6. Possibility to create persistent campaigns in SOW.
7. More orders and commands
8. More realistic gameplay
9. Better graphics (screenshot comparison below)



RebBugler -> RE: Whats the difference in game? (10/7/2012 2:22:54 AM)

10. SOW's engine provides for any sprite ratio, 1:1 being the most realistic - one man falls, one kill is registered

11. Modifications with SOW are more intuitive (user friendly) and thorough compared with TC2M. A whole new game can be composed within one modification. TC2M is more complicated to learn and can not include maps within battle designs. Presently there are scores, if not hundreds of TC2M mods that are unplayable because of incompatible designing techniques.

12. TC2M does have one advantage presently, map making. SOW will open this capability once the major battles of the ACW are released officially and published.

13. SOW is supported by the original coder, some of the original team, and has included additional international artists, technicians, and designers to the team. TC2M is not supported and is not assisted by any of the original design team. It does have a loyal group of modders and dedicated fans who luv the heck out of it. Who wouldn't, it's SOW's roots, but SOW has moved on.

14. SOW's engine is somewhat similar, but has been rebuilt in many areas, having progressed by learning from TC2M's deficiencies.

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