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richlove -> Slightly OT: WW2 USN Pilot Rosters? (10/6/2012 7:59:51 PM)

My father is in town, and he told me a story about a guy he worked with, and something this guy did during the war. He allegedly was a Torpedo Plane pilot, but I'm not getting anything via Google. Anyone know of a good resource of USN / USMC Pilot Rosters that would cover the war-period?

wdolson -> RE: Slightly OT: WW2 USN Pilot Rosters? (10/7/2012 6:23:16 PM)

I don't know of any online databases.

If you know the unit, you might be able to find a veterans association for the unit. You could also file a freedom of information request. Though even there you might hit a dead end. The big archive that houses veteran records had a massive fire in the early 70s and a lot of records went up in smoke. More Army and Army Air Force records were lost, but I believe about 30 or 40% of all WW II vet records were lost.


richlove -> RE: Slightly OT: WW2 USN Pilot Rosters? (10/8/2012 2:13:39 AM)

Thanks Bill. No unit name; my father said the guy in question was a 'torpedo bomber pilot' but that doesn't really help all that much. I think it's a dead end; the story paints the guy in a bad light, and I don't really want to dig that up.

jcjordan -> RE: Slightly OT: WW2 USN Pilot Rosters? (10/8/2012 11:58:07 PM)

In all my searching, I've only come across 1 site but that had some info not sure about it's accuracy though. Best bet I found was googling unit itself & if it was famous or in a famous battle, you could at least piece together some pilots/crews.

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