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76mm -> Storing Credit Card Info (10/6/2012 5:54:50 AM)

This is only sort of a technical issue; why is Plimus the only web merchant I deal with that automatically stores my credit card info, and I do not see an option allowing me to NOT store my CC info.

I've written Plimus to remove all of my CC info from their site, but am also asking Matrix to have Plimus change their practices, since it is your game I'm buying through Plimus.

[EDIT] I thought I'd mention something else to you as well: I ordered with a credit card, as mentioned above. My bank sends SMS with all CC transactions, and within a minute I received confirmation that the payment had occured. Then a minute later, I got another e-mail saying that the payment had been cancelled. I though that Plimus had declined my card and cancelled my order, but I've received a download link and serial number and am in the process of downloading the game. As things stand right now, it looks like I've gotten the game for free; I don't think that the system is supposed to work like that?

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