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warrenup -> Virus? (10/6/2012 4:22:42 AM)

I downloaded both Case Blue and Warsaw to Paris today. Norton is deleting because of WReputation file.
Do not see any other report on this forum.
Any help? Thanks

Blond_Knight -> RE: Virus? (10/6/2012 1:52:17 PM)

Ugh Symantec. I manage it at work and its a constant joy. Both of the files are clean. You might have to create an exception so symantec doosnt delete them.

oldspec4 -> RE: Virus? (10/6/2012 2:27:34 PM)

I had the same issue recently w/ the AJE demo. Had to temporarily disable "Download intelligence" under the Advanced > Web protection screens.

cmurphy625 -> RE: Virus? (10/6/2012 2:46:33 PM)

Same thing happened to me.. Matrix please submit this file to Symantec for analysis, so they confirm it's clear..

warrenup -> RE: Virus? (10/6/2012 4:04:23 PM)

Thanks - glad it's just not me.
Sent a msg to helpdesk - hopefully they will respond.

LiquidSky -> RE: Virus? (10/6/2012 6:15:49 PM)

Its not just you...its just Norton. Norton is the problem.

cmurphy625 -> RE: Virus? (10/6/2012 8:17:32 PM)

Norton isn't problem, it just doesn't trust it because not many people have the file (kind of a shame more people aren't picking up the product, so it wouldn't be classified as such).. Same thing happened with Alea Jacta Est Demo from AGEOD's site. but I was able to buy the full game and install no problem. Warrenup, you can probably go into your Symantec (right click on the systray icon) and choose view recent history, when you find in there the event where it deleted the file you should be able to restore it. I installed the game fine after that..

warrenup -> RE: Virus? (10/9/2012 10:45:15 PM)

Finally got CB downloaded and installed.
For any others using Norton - go to firewall and turn off download intelligence. It will allow you to choose a time period to put it to "sleep" so to speak.
After download and installation you can turn it back on or it will turn itself back on after the time period you selected when turning it off.

wallas -> RE: Virus? (10/9/2012 11:51:25 PM)

Norton in my opinion is bloatware and way to clumsy and slow. There is much better protection without your system being saturated with bloatware.

This is my opinion only, and not matrix games or those responsible for these forums [:D]

Laz -> RE: Virus? (10/24/2012 9:56:00 PM)

just happened to me too; chat with support- after more than 10 min wait I am told the file is irrevocably removed- I wonder how many other files norton have happily deleted without my input and that I have to procure and ensure an norton-free backup system exists. what a sanctimonious piece of garbage

stormbringer3 -> RE: Virus? (10/24/2012 10:22:46 PM)

I've been using Microsoft Security Essentials for a couple of years now. It's free, I have never had any download problems and it updates daily.

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