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montesaurus -> New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (10/6/2012 1:46:47 AM)

I'm looking for one player to take on Sweden in a 8 player epic game of COGEE 1792 Campaign! I have a very good, nice, and dedicated group of opponents known for their sporting spirit and endurance in lasting through long games! If you would like to try this great game please send me an email and I'll reply quickly!

Hope to start a new game within 2-3 weeks!


montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (10/8/2012 1:48:00 AM)

Just to let everyone know I now have the final player I needed for our 8 person game of COGEE. If anyone else has a desire to play this game via 8 player multi version, then let me know. I will save your name and when I have received enough requests to start a new game I will do so!

With the house rules we use the game flows very well, and has been a lot of fun.

montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/13/2012 12:57:21 PM)

Greetings to All Fans of Napoleonic Warfare, Diplomacy, and Intrigue,

If you are a former owner of COGEE go ahead and reload, download the update and contact me if you would like to try the multi player version of this game! That includes all EIA players who I think would also enjoy this game also!(I'm a former EIA player myself-the boardgame more than the computer version!).

Best Regards,


Fluffer -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 1:58:58 AM)

Count me in Monte


montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 2:05:41 AM)

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your response! Send me your email and I will keep in touch in regards to when I can get the next game started. I have a new game that should start the end of this month. But if one of the players decides not to play I will add you in! If it goes off as planned then I will start working on getting a group together for the next one and you will be included!
My email is;

Best Regards,


Fluffer -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 3:00:11 AM)


Hi Monte I don't know if you got my email from,

but I got an automatic reply with a link to an earthlink spam blocker request, that's giving me an error message. So take me off your blocked list please.

montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 3:11:29 AM)

Hi Rob,

I always check my spam blocker and got your email, and responded!


Anthropoid -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 8:08:31 PM)

I regret to say that I have hit a snag in reinstalling COGEE.

I own the boxed set which is 3 CDs. CD #1 installs fine (into C:\Matrix Games\COGEE.

When I am prompted to install of of disk 2, insert it and click proceed, I get some error message. The installer seems to be looking for something on the C:\ instead of reading off the D:\

I'm betting this has something to do with the accursed UAC in Win7?

Not sure what to do guys. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

To be honest, I'm rather ambivalent about starting a new PBEM to begin with. Life has been quite **** for over two years now, and committing to a multi-year PBEM is not feeling warm and fuzzy (sadly).

montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 8:29:35 PM)

Hi Seamus,

I understand your frustration, but don't have any suggestions. I was able to get it working on my windows 7, but I can't recall what, or if I had any problems doing it. One other suggestion is just to rebuy the game and download via the net, but I certainly understand why you would'nt want to repurchase the game to do that! I've always had an easier time downloading the game vs installing via the discs, for what ever reason!

If your present life is too busy do'nt feel bad for dropping out. I do have another player who recently contacted me who wanted to give it a try. If you would like, I will contact him to take your spot, and I'll recheck with you in a couple of months to see what your status is in regards to starting a new game!

Let me know what you would like to do.

Best Regards,


Anthropoid -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 8:59:44 PM)

Yeah why don't I drop out for now.

montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/21/2012 9:03:22 PM)

No Problem. I will contact the other player then, and hopefully we'll get a chance to try your skills in COGEE in the future!

montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (11/27/2012 12:32:44 AM)

Just wanted to let players know that I presently have 2 multi player games going in COGEE that have started within the last 3 months! Both with new players to the multi player aspect of COGEE! Anyone wanting to participate in this Napoleonic extravaganza of Napoleonic warfare and Diplomatic intrigue please contact me. I'll put you on a list of pending players and will work on getting a game going for you!

Best Regards,


montesaurus -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (12/14/2012 4:10:07 AM)

To All COGEE Wanna be Players out there, who have thought of trying a Multi Player Game, but never had any luck in getting a game going! I'm presently collecting a new group to start a game in June/July of 2013! I presently have 3 players who feel they will be available at that time to participate, so I still have 3-4 slots left! If you have any interest please contact me so I can add you to my list, and I'll keep you informed as the time gets closer! This will also give you time to hone your skills and ask me questions on how the game plays when many players are involved!

I look forward to hearing from any interested parties!

bdurruti -> RE: New Opponent Needed for COGEE Game (3/13/2013 8:34:25 PM)

Hello Monte

I am Roderick from Belgium and I just got Crown of Glory - Emperor's Edition.

I am interested in this game because it's historical background seems ideal to me for multiplayer games.

I do like games with a lot of diplomacy involved and interesting operational and battlefield tactics.

Although i am also very much interested in WWII warfare, due to the historical ideological drive of that war it was much more framed diplomatic-wise, which makes games placed in that era more linear and for that reason less interesting for me.

So I feel for joining this gaminggroup of yours in june, but i cannot promise you yet that i will effectively join, as I do not know for sure yet the game is for me.

Certainly on a tabletop gamingboard this would certainly be a game for me, but on a pc, it needs enough immersion to keep me captivated. 'March of the Eagles' for instance, feels much too empty and too casual for me.

A second question: do you also play in the NWC? It seems easy enough to find opponents there, but maybe you want to play a bit more casual?



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