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TommyG -> Seeking IJ opponent for long game (10/5/2012 5:35:04 PM)

Experienced allied player seeks Japanese opponent for Scn 2 or variants. Historical or anything goes, your choice. Needs to be US or UK based as my internet provider seems to screw up anywhere else in Europe. I have played several dozen games and can provide references. I would rate me as a B level player. Can generally do a turn a day and more on weekends. No unusual HRs, more restrictive for historical players ( PPs to move out of historical locations, limits on night bombing, etc., few HRs for anything goes games. I want someone who will not quit when the Japanese hey day ends, even if they get an automatic win in 42. If you invade India, Oz and NZ, you have to play long enough to see how that strategy plays out long term. I am also annoyingly chatty.

larryfulkerson -> RE: Seeking IJ opponent for long game (10/7/2012 5:21:50 AM)

Hey TommyG: I'm playing Jim Moore, one of your opponents, in a game myself and I get intel from him about how the game you guys
have is going so I will be careful what I say here, but I'm wondering what your impression of you and Jim's game is. Also, I've done an
evaluation of the Jap side of the game using a saved game file from 03Mar42 and posted it in Moore's AAR not thinking of how it's
possible that you might download it as well. I'm asking you as a fellow gamer and gentleman to gentleman to refrain from downloading it
yourself and reading what's in it as it contains mucho delicious intel of the Jap side of things that you could profit enormously by
knowing. You know, honor system, and all that. Thanks ahead of time. Good hunting.

TommyG -> RE: Seeking IJ opponent for long game (10/7/2012 4:35:08 PM)

Thanks for the heads up. I might of found it my accident. I'll steer clear. Tell him I said Hi

wuwu25 -> RE: Seeking IJ opponent for long game (10/8/2012 3:41:54 PM)

Hi TommyG-
more than happy to oblige! email me at

TommyG -> RE: Seeking IJ opponent for long game (10/9/2012 5:20:11 PM)

email sent

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