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IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (1/30/2013 4:45:03 AM)

As for the long awaited Summer Offensive - this is the plan....

Moscow is the primary target for AGC. No surprise there.

3rd Pz Armee, supported by 18th Army to its north, will envelop Moscow from the north. Its offensive has really already started with the good weather - and has made good progress pushing through the Soviet fort belts. It will need about 2 weeks to "clean up" the salients it has created, and establish a bridghead across the Moscow-Volga Canal. Then it will strike south around the capital.

Meanwhile, 9th Army continues to presure the Soviets from the west - and assiting 3rd Pz with additional infantry as required.

2nd Pz Armee will be the key force south of Moscow. Pushing just north of Tula, its first priority is to encircle forces near Kaluga with 4th Army in support attacking north of the town. It will need to encircle these forces in order to get across the Oka River - if the Soviets pull back in order, bridging the Oka River may prove difficult. Tula will be enveloped between 2nd and 4th Pz Armee.

4th Pz Armee was to envelope the sizeable Orel Salient, but the Soviet have been slowly pulling defenses east - and out of harms way. We'll still attempt to envelope Soviet forces in this area with 6th Army in support, but it may be less of a pocket. 6th Army has already encountered some tough opposition, and is still fighting through fortified belts. Its going to be a tough, grinding fight.

As an alternate plan, especially if we fail to establish the Kaluga Pocket, 4th Pz Armee will support 2nd Pz Armee's drive on Moscow by protecting its right flank. This will leave 6th Army alone to push toward Voronezh from the north, and eventually link up with 1st Pz Armee coming up from the south.

2nd Army as well as the 2nd Hun Army will be used to protect the flanks and destroy encircled forces.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (1/30/2013 4:54:36 AM)

The AGS plan was originally designed to destroy Soviet forces in the Stalino area while AGC developed the situation in the Tula area.

With the weather cooperating, AGS already accomplished the destruction of the Stalino Pocket. So now what?

Focus remains the same - destroy the Soviet armies opposing it. Preferably west of the Don/Donets rivers - which hinges on the Soviets defending west of these rivers. That's the tough part - my bet is he may pull back. With Stalino lost, there really isn't any reason to hold west of the rivers.

Once I can reorganize for a turn or two, 1st Pz Armee will dirve for Boguchar and cross the Don near the city. With some luck, the Soviets will expect 1st Pz to drive on Stalingrad, but instead it will drive deep into the Soviet rear behind Voronezh, linking up with either 4th Pz Armee or 6th Army driving south from the Tamboy-Lipetsk area. The key will be driving BEHIND the Voronezh defenses. This should produce a major pocket by the first half of July.

Meanwhile 11th Army pushes to seize Rostov and create a bridghead across the Don.

With some luck, by August, Moscow has fallen and the Voronezh Pocket is established, allowing 1st Pz to shift southwards.

Thats a long way off, with a lot of "ifs" involved.


janh -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (1/30/2013 9:34:46 AM)

Wow, what an update. Quite impressive how spring developed, random weather can also offer sweet fruits for Axis. 30 Divisions in the Stalino pocket, it almost feels like 1941 again.


Thats a long way off, with a lot of "ifs" involved.

Yes, but your plan sounds very exciting and just as promising. Looking at the Soviet CV, entrenchment levels and Scar's dispositions, or just how unlucky he was in failing to stall your late winter and spring offensives, my gut-feeling tells me that Scar's already run out of any hope for a Soviet victory. Even without doing much recon I would now expect that there are no deep fort belts or such awaiting you. It may be more of a formal thing to play it out, i.e. unless random weather stops you, or you commit some series of major blunders.

Once you are past the ugly terrain around the Volga Reservoir, and broken thru the weak fortification belts around Tula, the pace will steadily increase and such will the gains. An Axis major victory may be possible at this stage, if not even quite likely. Scars best hope on the other hand is probably a draw. If I had to guess, by early October the Soviets will approach the diplomatic table in hopes of a cease-fire... Anyway, good luck with the offensives! Hopefully the weather doesn't throw wrenches onto the gear!

juret -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (1/30/2013 12:07:57 PM)

nice update.

This how hitler IRL should have made hes case blue insteed of running around the caucasus with all the panzers :)

AGC looks in exellent position for the summer offensive. Will be fun to see whut damage they can make after moscow have fallen.

Wuffer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (1/30/2013 7:14:13 PM)

Stalin is praying now.

very difficult situation for the SHC, looking at the methodically German advange, I had no idea how they could save themselves from the destruction of their coherant frontline Kalinin-Rostow/don in the next weeks... apart of mud, of course.

This smells every bit like a huge german victory, a very big one.

IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/3/2013 3:08:11 AM)

Turn 52; Jun 11, 1942.......Clear with Mud in North Soviet Zone

Not a very positive development in the German offensive - mud in North Soviet Zone! That postpones everything for a week, allowing the Soviets to reinforce defensive positions.

So, AGN and AGC hold on to gains already won - two Soviet counter attacks are held prior to the mud. Air supply is used to bring in fuel and supply to the lead panzers northwest of Moscow.

AGS's 1st Pz Armee begins its drive toward the Don River, but gains only 30 miles against very tough opposition. This is attributed to the fatigue level of the Germans and effective use of Soviet reserves. However, the biggest failing is jumping the gun - I failed to bring up sufficient infantry first - they were still moving back from the Stalino Pocket. I was attempting to get across rivers before the Soviets could fortify them well - I lost the race - he had enough troops in reserve to bolster defenses, and withough enough infantry I had to commit panzers to attack - they pushed the Soviets back, but since they were attacking, they did not have the APs left to exploit.

Also noteable is the Soviet pull back to the Donets River line - smart move. Nothing to be gained by holding west of the River.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/18/2013 4:59:41 AM)

Turn 53; Jun 18, 1942.......Clear

Well, despite work doing its best to curtail this campaign, we're moving forward again....albiet slowly.....

With the clear weather, the German Summer Offensive is finally unleashed in all its fury! And it goes....fairly well...

NW of Moscow, going remains difficult due to tough defenders fortified in forested terrain behind rivers. Not the idea place to attack! However, steady progress is being made! On the negative side, we've encountered the fist Soviet Rifle Corps, dug in, defending the approaches to Moscow. Things just got much, much harder.....

18th Army, with the XXXIX PzKps assisting, establishes a bridgehead across the Moscow-Volga Canal, and links up with the 3rd Pz Armee isolating 4 divisions. Unfortunately, a key attack to reduce a Soviet position on the Volga Res. fails, leaving the bridgehead very exposed.

3rd Pz Armee makes fair progress battering down Soviet defenses with the LVII PzKps, which advances 20 miles, isolating another 4 divisions and establishing another bridgehead across the Moscow-Volga Canal. While the bridgeheads are important to continue the German advance north of Moscow, isolating the 8 divisions, if held, will eliminate a serious thorn in the German lines - and probably penetrate the primary defensive belts in this area. Their fall will also allow 3rd Pz Armee to finally concentrate.

9th Army limits intself to taking a level 3 fort jutting into its lines which will facilitate future operations.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/18/2013 5:28:50 AM)

Centered in the vicinity of the Soviet city of Tula is the German Main Effort....which opens up according to plan with solid results despite very heavy Soviet defenses which committed numerous reserves, including Tank Corps to bolster defenses.

All German armies open up the attack with infantry assaults to eliminate forward Soviet fortifications, key attacks also being supported by preliminary Luftwaffe ground attacks.

4th Army effects a very narrow 20 mile wide penetrations displacing a Soviet Corp with a level 3 fortification, and 3xRifle Divs with level 2 forts. This allows XXXVI PzKps to push forward another 20 miles to reach their objective of the the Oka River. This was simply bulling their way forward, heavy fighting all the way - no exploitation possible; lucky to reach the bloody river!

2nd Pz Armee, attacking north of Tula, also encounters heavier resistance than expected. One of the three opening attacks is held due to reserve commitments, and only by committing XXXXVII PzKps in a deliberate attack opens up the line. This allows XXIV PzKps to get into the Soviet rear, exploiting to the Oka River and effecting link up with 4th Army, closing the intended Kaluga Pocket - trapping an estimated 2xTk Corps and 17xRifle Div. With XXXXVII PzKps forced to conduct a deliberate attack, and the need to close tight on the Pocket, XXIV PzKps does not push as deep eastward as envisioned, but still, the gains meet requirements - breaking open the Soviet defenses and pocketing Soviet forces around Kaluga.

4th Pz Armee, supported by 2nd Army infantry, does not fare as well. Like 2nd Pz Armee, only 2 of its initial attacks succeed, and XXXXI PzKps is committed to break through - the difference is that here, the Soviets 2nd echelon defenses also frustrate the German attacks - forcing more deliberate attacks, slowing progress. Soviet unit density is also greater here (which surprised me - I'd figure the heavier Soviet defenses were north of Tula). LVI PzKps finally breaks through, but its 19th Pz is held up twice which leaves its 6th Pz vulnerable to isolation - and not locking down the Orel Pocket. Totenkopf pushes all the way to effect linkup with 6th Army isolating the Soviets to the west - but this is only a temporary measure - There is no solid inner or outer cordon.

6th Army's attack also has difficulties. Again, Soviet reserve commitment is effective, and one resolute Soviet defenses position holds, preventing XXXXVI PzKps from breaking through the Soviet defenses. Only Totenkopf's 30 mile dash makes this attack even remotely successful.

I fully expect 6th Pz to be isolated after the Soviet moves - with luck, I can regain contact, and re-establish a pocket here. While taking territory and cities are importand, the focus is to destroy the Soviet formations. I think the cordon around the Kaluga Pocket will hold - the challenge here will be to reduce it, and keep 2nd Pz Armee moving NE - and across the Oka River. With alot of luck, success here in the next turn could be re-establishing the Orel pocket between 4th Pz and 6th Armies, and compromising the Tula defenses - setting conditions for another pocket in that vicinity between 2nd and 4th Pz Armies. Lots to be done....


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/18/2013 5:42:33 AM)

AGS continues to face heavier than expected resistance.

Really surprised with the amount, and depth of the Soviet defenses here. Figured after the Stalino Pocket, the Soviets would be pretty thin on the ground south of Voronezh. Not so. Not by any means...

11th Army masses two infantry corps and storms Rostov with surpsingly few casualties. Once taken, the city is handed over to the Rumanian 3rd Army - with some German infantry attacked of course....

1st Pz Armee attempts to push to Boguchar, and establish a pocket between its XXXXVIII PzKps on the left, and its other two PzKps on its right. XXXXVIII PzKps' attack never really gains momentum as 17th Army infantry fails to open up the shoulder of the penetration. I decide to pull the PzKps back rather than push forward with heavy loss. Of course, as soon as I decide to do this, III PzKps manages to break through the Soviet defenses after XIV PzKps defeats the Soviet fort lines. Although a breakthrough seems to be at hand, exploitation is impossible due to the amount of Soviets and not enough German infantry to hold the shoulders, let alone establish any cordon. Not going well here.....

Still, we are pushing toward Boguchar - while I'd like to pocket Soviet units - and will continue to attempt to - the real objective here is to establish conditions for a Voronezh Pocket by getting 1st Pz across the Don River. There is rish here....I'm depending on both the Rum 3rd and 4th Armies to hold flanks now, as well as the Hun 2nd Army deployed west of Voronezh. And the Italian 8th Army is enroute by rail. I need all four of those armies to free up German infantry, but that definately invites risk! As long as I retain offensive momentum, the risks are minimized. If the Soviets can stall the offensive - things will get dicey in a hurry!


juret -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/19/2013 9:15:33 AM)

talk about attack all over the front :)

1,2,3,4 pz armies all attacking :)

The tula area devolping very well for u.

AFV -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/19/2013 7:48:06 PM)

I have been reading this AAR- I just wanted to mention I really enjoy it, and you present it extremely well.

Keep up the good work. If you can keep cutting off Soviet units each turn, you might be another player to prove its not impossible as the German. You have the whole summer to do some damage- probably 15 ish clear turns or so.

Tone -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/19/2013 9:06:06 PM)

+ 1

IdahoNYer is very good player, with excellent command of strategy and may even obtain automatic victory. I would say that Scar is doomed, and will have to wait till summer of 1944 for any major counter offensive.

IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/20/2013 7:42:58 PM)


1,2,3,4 pz armies all attacking :)

Its the only chance to possibly get the auto victory in '42. Of course the trade off is putting the Allies in the line.....even....the Italians. Gulp!

IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/20/2013 7:46:23 PM)


I have been reading this AAR- I just wanted to mention I really enjoy it, and you present it extremely well.

Keep up the good work. If you can keep cutting off Soviet units each turn, you might be another player to prove its not impossible as the German. You have the whole summer to do some damage- probably 15 ish clear turns or so.

Thanks AFV. A German can "win", at least a minor by end game in '45. I think alot of folks get frustrated and not gutting out a full game. Here, I'm trying to push hard for the auto victory - which truthfully, I think getting the 260 will be close, but just out of reach. Soviets are alot tougher in '42! AS you say, I still have some time.

IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/20/2013 7:50:24 PM)


IdahoNYer is very good player, with excellent command of strategy and may even obtain automatic victory. I would say that Scar is doomed, and will have to wait till summer of 1944 for any major counter offensive.

Thanks Tone. Scar and I have been going at PBEM games since we playtested HPS' Panzer Campaigns Smolensk 41 way, way back. I don't count him out just yet. If I can reach "The Tipping Point", which I think should be around when Soviet manpower hits less than 4.5 million, he'll be hard pressed to maintain a line with sufficient reserves. That's the key. I've got a bit furhter to go....

IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/24/2013 5:16:20 AM)

Turn 54; Jun 25, 1942.........Clear

Summer offensive continues with moderate to good success!!

On the Moscow Front, 18th Army and 3rd Pz Armee still find the going tough. During the Soviet portion of last turn, XXXIX PzKps lost its bridghead over the Moscow-Volga Canal to a Soviet Counterattack, and Soviets also managed to relieve one of the two trapped 4xRifle Div pockets.

In this turn, the XXXIX PzKps managed to establish another bridghead. 18th Army liquidated the 4xRifle Divs that were not relieved, and eliminated a Soviet position at the Volga Res. Also 9th Army re-sealed the cordon in the southern 4xRifle Div Pocket and took a level 3 fort position SW of Moscow.

All of this was tough going, hard fought actions. While progress is made, it is slow, and the Soviets have re-established a level 3 fort line north of Moscow - not welcome news!

Still, eliminating one of the two Soviet pockets and some solid Soviet forts has greatly faciliated the German ability to mass for future operations north of Moscow - time to continue to push to isolate Moscow from the north!


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/24/2013 5:28:15 AM)

In the Tula area, things continue to get more and more interesting...

During the Soviet portion of the turn, the Germans defeated a small attack to free up the Kaluga Pocket. As expected, in the 4th Pz Armee area, the 6th Pz (still using Pz 35s!!) was isolated, but so was the SS Totenkopf! Not good.

During this turn, things worked out pretty well!

The Kaluga Pocket, less 3 remaining divisions, was liquidated yeilding 2xTk Corps and 15x Rifle Div surrendered. Nice!

With much of their respective infantry tied up reducing the Kaluga Pocket, 4th Army and 2nd Pz Armee's gains were limited, but effective. 4th Army assists 2nd Pz's XXIV PzKps in establishing a firm lodging on the north side of the Oka River, while 2nd Pz's XXXXVII PzKps bulls its way eastward barely 20 miles against massed Soviet Rifle divisions - which surprises me since I had just pocketed a good haul in and around Kaluga. Still, Soviets were pushed out of positions before they could adequately fortify.

South of Tula, 4th Pz and 6th Armies both focus on re-establishing the Orel Pocket. This is done at the expense of trying to penetrate the Soviet lines. This pockets another 18xRifle Divs under a tight cordon.

Focus ahead is still challenging:
- reinforce and expand the Oka River Bridgehead
- envelope Tula between 2nd and 4th Pz Armies.
- Reduce the Orel Pocket and drive eastwards to threaten Voronezh from the north.

Still lots of work to be done!


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/24/2013 5:34:23 AM)

In AGS's area of operations, we catch a break.

Last turn, I decided to abort XXXXVIII Pzkps drive due to lack of progress - thought the hope of linking up with the remainder of 1st Pz Armee was rather remote.

The Soviets then decide to pull back to the Don River - but don't have a solid intermediate line established!

This allows XXXXVIII PzKps to penetrate the lines, and along with III and XIV PzKps renewed attacks, trap 9x Rifle divisions in a pocket just south of Bugachar - which was the original objective! Nice!

11th Army, to the south, manages after 2xholds, to estalbish a small bridgehead across the Don river just east of Rostov. I don't expect much of this, but it may keep the Soviets guessing as to my next move.

1st Pz Armee remains the main effort - and after eliminating the Boguchar Pocket will attempt to establish a bridgehead across the Don River - ultimately to strike north and envelope the Soviets east of Voronezh.

Still a long ways to go!


juret -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (2/25/2013 9:18:01 PM)

-36 rif divs , nice job

IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:11:20 AM)

Turn 55; July 2, 1942.......Clear

Summer offensive is going into its second month, and so far, good progress has been made! Still, its been a tough fight, few - if any -easy victories similar to 1941.

North of Moscow, 3rd Pz Armee, supported by 18th and 9th Armies, finds going extremely tough - and defenses getting tougher. While eliminating the second small pocket - the time spent eliminating the pockets, and dug in Soviets has really marginalized the advance. This has allowed the Soviets time to create further level 3 forts - now, in some cases, manned by Rifle Corps.

18th Army has become increasingly stretched out protecting the northern flank of the attack towards Moscow. Three of four Korps have transitioned to the defense holding the flank. Only I Korps is currently attacking, and it was held in its one attack.

3rd Pz Armee's XXXIX PzKps was also stymied this turn - three attacks held trying to expand its bridgehead across the Moscow-Volga Canal. With Hitler pulling Das Reich home, its major striking power is down to a single Pz Div - the 12th - which is in badly need of rest.

The only positive news was the LVII PzKps taking a lvl 3 fortified Rifle Corps position - but it was unable to push into a weakly defended hex.

9th Army, faced with fortified level 3 Rifle Corps, has also been stretched out and finds massing for attacks challenging.

This was NOT a good turn here north of Moscow. The Germans are in need of rest - but a halt is out of the question. The Soviets simply dig in too fast to give them the chance to further improve their positions.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:27:04 AM)

In the Tula area south of Moscow, things still move forward at a relatively fast tempo.

Encirlced troops near Kaluga (3xRifle Div) and the Orel Pocket (18xRifle Div) were eliminated by infantry. This allowed the panzers to continue the attack, supported by available infantry.

4th Army shifted forces east, opening up a gap that XXXX PzKps further expanded just south of the Oka River. Into the narrow gap, XXIV PzKps exploited deep into the Soviet rear, turning north across the river near Kolomna, and establishing a bridgehead as well as cutting a vital rail link to the capital.

While its XXIV PzKps pushed NE to threaten Moscow, 2nd Pz Armee infantry and its XXXXVII PzKps worked to encirlce Soviet forces around Moscow from the north. Progress here is slow, but steady - and the PzKps bulls its way forward to link up with panzers driving up from the south.

4th Pz Armee's LVI PzKps and infantry tear open a 30 mile wide gap in the Soviet front south of Tula which XXXXI PzKps drives NE to link up with Guderian's panzers coming in from the north. The Tula Pocket is formed with 13xRifle Div and a Tank Corps trapped in the pocket. The Panzers opt to lock down the pocket instead of trying to push further east - which was unlikely in any case as the panzers are now well fatigued.

6th Army has pushed its XXXXVI PzKps north behind 4th Pz Armee's PzKps rather than trying to bull its way through growing Soviet defenses NW of Voronezh - which the Soviets clearly intend to protect.

Overall, a solid turn for the Germans in the Tula area - another sizeable Soviet force is encirlced according the the plan, and the Soviet defenses are blitzed before the Soviets can fortify the front - which is exactly what is happening north of Moscow.

Still far from breaking the Soviet army as a fighting force however. The momentum must be maintained so the Soviets can not catch their breath, regardless of fatigue and German losses.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:39:46 AM)

AGS focuses on eliminating the Boguchar Pockeet, yeilding 9xRifle Div. 1st Pz Armee does clear Boguchar itself and gain a small bridgehead across the Don River. All good news.

However, AGS is over stretched. Four Axis Ally armies are now in the line which is dangerous, and any further advance will just excaserbate the situation. But that is exactly what will need to happen.

Rum 4th Army continues to advance as the Soviets pull back, but the Soviets are treating this area as an economy of force - massing forces to counterattck 1st Pz Armee.

As AGC is still engaged in heavy fighting near Tula - the decision to commit 4th Pz Armee south toward Voronezh has not been made yet. Until that decision is made, it is pointless for 1st Pz Armee to establish a large bridgehead north of the Don River. The three PzKps are badly in need of some rest in any case, and I may pull at least one PzKps out to rest, while the others clear through encirlement the Soviets south of the Don River. This could also keep the Soviets guessing that the German goal is more toward Stalingrad than north of the Don river to link up with Armee Group Center.

South of the screen shot, 11th Army expands its bridghead across the lower Don by a hex. Again - the objective hear is to tie down Soviets into thinking that we're driving more southerly than going north...Once 1st Pz Armee commits north, 11th Army will be needed to hold an extending flank and offensive operations south of the Don will be suspended.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:43:17 AM)

As its the first turn of the month, time for the admin info charts....

Destroyed units show the results of the Summer Offenive - pockets near Kaluga, Orel, and Boguchar yeild 50+ Rifle Divs and the first tank corps to be encircled.

A very good start to the offensive. The challenge will be to keep this tempo up in Jul and Aug.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:48:42 AM)

The losses screen shot is most interesting.

1.2 Million Soviet losses are the most of any month since the start of the campaign. However, (there is always seeming a however) the German losses are the second highest of any month (Dec) and the highest in number killed and panzers lost of any month.

The bottom line? Inflicting these heavy Soviet losses are coming with a large price tag. Soviet defenses have been very robust and German losses corresponding heavy.

There is no choice here - to break the Soviet Army, the Germans must continue to push hard at all costs. It is the only chance for ultimate victory here in 1942 - or ever.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:53:20 AM)

Forces available.

Pretty safe to say that the Germans have already reached their high water mark on strength last month, coming in just under the 4 million mark. The casualties will likely to outpace replacements and reinforcements for the rest of the summer.

The Soviet strength did drop almost half a million men which is a most positive statistic. Still another 700,000 reduction is estimated to break the back of the Soviet army. Not impossible, and off to a good start with the Tula Pocket.

Still a very long road ahead.


IdahoNYer -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 5:57:09 AM)

Lastly, the state of the Panzerwaffe.

The panzers suffered fairly heavy losses - especially in AGC fighting. Many divisions coming in under 100 panzers, and fatigue levels severe across the board for the most part.

While the panzers probably need a rest overall to recover some strength and rest for fatigue recovery, that is probably just not going to happen. I may be able to rest a division or so here and there, but the offensive just needs to cointine regardless.


loki100 -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 7:00:33 AM)

that set of overview reports is a great insight into the cost of your offensive

janh -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 10:06:25 AM)

What a thriller! The terrain north of Moscow is pretty poor for offensives, for sure, but Scar must have realized that he will have to stop that pincer to save Moscow. Unfortunately for him the southern pincer seems now to be a much bigger threat.

Scar is really putting up a good fight in key areas given his truly short OOB numbers. Wehrmacht is only 20% weaker, not counting the minors. 3.9M German soldiers, wow, that's about 700k more than in the books. Given that, Scar must know you really well -- he is probably robbing Peter to pay Paul, or what was that saying? He must be paper thin along long stretches of the front? How does the situation further north of Moscow look like?

Good speed for your 3rd PzA!

smokindave34 -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 11:31:33 AM)


Excellent AAR - very exciting. I think you are correct in your approach to keep pushing hard. If you give Scar time to dig in the poor terrain around Moscow it will be especially difficult to force him out. Although your panzers are thin I suspect Scar is really feeling the heat now - keep the pressure on him. Good Luck!

juret -> RE: Drang Nach Osten - Revisited (3/5/2013 2:35:49 PM)

love this aar.

realy nice work with agc and tula area. picking him apart piece by piece.

hows the AGN/leningrad area look like? fins holding the line and dont attacking? might be worthwile to to press him on all fronts now....

i was trying to find the axis minors mobile divisions, are the hungarian and rumanian armoured divisions used ?

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