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GI Seve -> Mixed reactors to have or not to have? (10/3/2012 9:53:30 PM)

I'm pondering what fuel will my mixed reactor ships be using? For example got capital with 2 quantum (casion) and 2 fusion (hydrogen). All that it seems to effect is power/fuel unit. Will the ship also be taking both casion and hydrogen when it refuels leading to half empty tanks if there happen to be none of the other fueltype available at refueling point?

I did the dual reactor models as it was more efficient space/power wise to get required power for certain weapons setup.

Nedrear -> RE: Mixed reactors to have or not to have? (10/3/2012 10:34:47 PM)

It would take the first to be found, therefore making them a double edged sword. Either you take enough reactors of both and are able to operate anywhere through it wasting building space or you take just enough of both and use it in double fuel systems. The latter version would lead to a risk if you burn one fuel too quick. Sadly the game does not reserve storage for fuel as far as I know and a double reactor ship with a full caslon tank is half useless.

w1p -> RE: Mixed reactors to have or not to have? (10/4/2012 1:41:05 PM)

I don't think the game handles storage of fuels very well, and I fear that your fuel tanks would be filled with one type of fuel only and you would run around everywhere with only half of your reactors working... Having said that, I don't think anybody has thoroughly tested it so good luck!!

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