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I bet they also did not foresee The Japanese transforming Ise/Hyuga into uh half carriers....O.o [:D]

Nice find tho. Interesting.

Better known as a good way to ruin a perfectly useful battleship. [;)]

Nah they just realized the war is lost and wanted to do something that is really cool. Volia...half battleship, half carrier....beat that..... ^^

Nikademus -> RE: Interesting quote from Adm. Nimitz (10/6/2012 6:16:49 AM)


ORIGINAL: spence

But it is of course necessary to ignore the fact that Zimm also says that the mission commander (Fuchida) completely screwed up his own attack

No, its not...because what i wrote about is a completely different subject. In regards to Fuchida, what Zimm wrote about the subject I commented on was that Fuchida was a major source behind the scenario regarding the Operational wargaming sessions being a sham as related by past historians. A story that Zimm disputes. Nothing more, or less. You yourself have waxed poetic on the reliability of Fuchida's memory in the past. Not in a good way i'll add.


Seems a lot like "cherry picking" to me.

Sounds like you venting your hatred of the Japanese again to me.

Sardaukar -> RE: Interesting quote from Adm. Nimitz (10/6/2012 2:05:07 PM)

According to Japanese sources, anything Fuchida said should be taken with mountain of salt...

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