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wodin -> Another reason why.... (10/2/2012 6:48:57 PM)

Another reason why I prefer the COTA scenarios over BFTB which for me made it a more enjoyable game was the smaller scenarios played on decent size map over several days..some of the airborne scenarios where superb.

The reason I feel is that with less units not only do you get more of a tactical feel going on you can also connect more to your can monitor them see them break out into formation..and can watch the attack go in and invest in the experience and enjoy the spectacle. With BFTB with so many units it usually ended up just a mass of counters, hard to keep track off and a look and feel of chaos and little if any tac ai systems going on because the units would just be such a jumble.

I do hope future games and scenario packs have a good amount of scenarios lasting say three or four days on good size maps and say two or three battalions on each side.

I also hope that the COTA scenarios in the exp pack have those smaller scenarios included.

simovitch -> RE: Another reason why.... (10/2/2012 9:51:04 PM)

The COTA expack includes all of the scenarios, including North Africa. The COTA data conversion is done, we are just working on getting the Command Ops Patch issues taken care of.

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