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Fallschirmjager -> Plane upgrade 'Import' and Training Command question (10/2/2012 5:34:36 AM)

I was messing with some of the squadrons that begin the game on the East coast and noticed under the upgrade tab that some of my Marine squadrons say US Navy - Import
What does the import mean? That the planes will come from USN pools? The Allies all draw from one big pool so does this have any gameplay impact?

And as to not open two threads. I have one more question. Are there any good canidates on the Allied side on turn 1 to send to Tra-Com?
The editor shows only a minimum handful of pilots that are over 80 EXP. Are there any in 'backwater' theaters that I could pull from?
And if I send say a RAF pilot to Tra-Com. Does he train only RAF pilots or will he train all of my Allied pilots?
And what is exactly the effect of Tra-Com? I have never made extensive use of it in my past games. I typical and very hard on my pilots and I never 'rotate' them out after so many missions. I typically leave them in combat until wounds or death claims them.
I have never really had a problem with my Allied pilots. Most of my new pilots meet the min standards as prescribed in the manual.
Even in cases of heavy losses I never see a dip in pilot quality. According to tracker my pilot training program pumps them out on a pretty good bell curve in terms of quality.

Thanks for any forthcoming answers.

jmalter -> RE: Plane upgrade 'Import' and Training Command question (10/2/2012 5:58:09 AM)

the 'USN-Import' or 'British-Import' tells you that it'll cost PPs to make the upgrade, a mouseover on the plane type tells you the cost. the better the plane, the higher the price.

afaik, TRACOM guys work only on the pilots of the same nationality & service branch, i've read here that they work only in groups of 10. 20 RAAF pilots is better than 10, but 19 is the same as 10. i gather that they 'accelerate' the training of the guys in the 10-12 slot of the replacement-pilots queue, and can give a small exp improvement to them. i generally just use it as a reserve pool for my top-quality guys.

SBD -> RE: Plane upgrade 'Import' and Training Command question (10/2/2012 9:46:07 AM)

Tracom is not really that useful. The Allies start with so few decent pilots that you're better off keeping any good ones near the front lines.

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