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MuguNiner -> A known anomaly? (10/1/2012 3:37:13 AM)


I am playing against the AI and have noticed that air forces will not attack into the same hex they take off from.

I asked some Dutch B-26's based in Java to attack the IJA units attacking the hex the B-26's were based at. They attacked LCUs in Sumatra.

Several Japanese convoys, including KB, troop transports, replenishments, and scores of other TF's made their way to Canton. On the way they bombed Baker and Canton. Canton's fighter group took to the air and defended. When the Japanese TF's reached Canton they dropped anchor for a day, had a bbq, took a dip, no bombing, no sweep, no recon, upped anchor the next morning, headed north west and resumed hostilities.


Any clue? Any cure?

jmalter -> RE: A known anomaly? (10/1/2012 5:49:17 AM)

hi Mugu9er,

i'm playing DBB_B vs. the IJ AI, & pairs of IJ DDs & Es are regularly paying a port call at my base at Cam Ranh Bay. while my air units aren't attacking them w/ the desired ferocity & sometimes groups will take the day off, they *have* been detecting & attacking the IJ ships in their own base hex.

your Dutch planes might've decided that the weather was better at the more distant hex, mebbe dial down their allowed range, so they don't go far afield.

Canton & Baker Islands are tiny bases at start, what's your campaign-date, what's the airbase size, did you have enough supply, did you have DBs or LBs there, did you have any Naval Search from the base, were pilot skills & leader abilities good, were the groups served by adequate AirSupport, did it have adequate supply? was Canton's airfield badly damaged, did you have enough engineers present to repair the damage overnight?

any number of variables can prevent attacks from being launched. then the dice-gods take over.

if you had a reasonable DB group at Canton, it might've responded. 2E LBs wouldn't even fly from a damaged lvl-2 airfield, but you wouldn't have missed much, as NavB from multi-engine bombers is rarely more than an annoyance.

LoBaron -> RE: A known anomaly? (10/1/2012 6:33:35 AM)

There is a situation where a LCU moves out of a hex, the target gets moved there as well, but if I understand you correctly this does
not apply in your situation.

Its been a while since I attacked units located in the hex of strike origin, was some patches ago for sure, but I do not remember issues
with that. Did the target reset to commander´s decision?

The second issue you describe micht be an AI hickup, happens sometimes. Either leave the ships in peace and over time it should even out again,
or, if the issue persists Andy Mac could have a look at it.

Shark7 -> RE: A known anomaly? (10/1/2012 5:36:48 PM)

I just sank an IJN CA in the hex at wake with a strike of Vindicators from Wake, so it does work. It will either be a setting problem or a better target was found farther out (if you leave it to commander decision).

MuguNiner -> RE: A known anomaly? (10/3/2012 5:26:16 AM)

Ok, commander decision was set on my air units. I swear I had changed that... Still doesn't explain the IJN armada's peaceful vist to Canton. They've done it twice.

Shark, Thanks. I can't begin to tell you how many years I spent on LBH -CE. That was a great game!


Rob Brennan UK -> RE: A known anomaly? (10/6/2012 6:14:19 PM)

I managed it at batavia , once I'd cleared the Japanese garrisons they retreated to the jungle and became a real PITA to finish off. Planes based in batavia did attack them ( and I'd set range 0 or 1 so they didn't go wandering off and suicide elsewhere).

One thing I noticed was they flew less often and im guessing its because of weather. Bad weather stops a strike from taking off but does not seem to stop the target being attacked. So if you have bad weather in the hex the bombers stay on the ground , but ones elsewhere in non socked in airfields did attack.

just ofc my observations.

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