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ChadS -> CVs at Sea (9/30/2012 6:17:14 AM)

Quick question--
Can CVs at sea be re-armed? I sent a Support TF with an AE and an AO to meet a CV task force, and the AO was drained, but the AE never lost any supply. The CV's "Sorties MAX" value stayed at 0, though. I believe this means that the aircraft are out of fuel/arms, but I don't see how to replenish that at sea.


Puhis -> RE: CVs at Sea (9/30/2012 6:20:18 AM)

You can't re-arm CVs at sea.

rjopel -> RE: CVs at Sea (9/30/2012 6:29:36 AM)

At sea replenishment for munitions can't be conducted until late in the war.

Puhis -> RE: CVs at Sea (9/30/2012 7:36:59 AM)

Even late in the war you can't replenish sorties at sea. Just guns up to 5 inch.

ChadS -> RE: CVs at Sea (9/30/2012 2:10:28 PM)

Well, that explains it, then. Thanks!

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